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Personal Edition

Play Like the Pros

  • About PE

    Who Uses Personal Edition?

    MusicMaster Personal Edition is an affordable but feature rich solution for individual, hobbyist or student broadcasters looking to create a well-balanced mix of music and pre-recorded content. MusicMaster is known for its user-friendly and highly customizable interface, meaning that anyone - from hobbyist to professional - has easy access to its powerful tools. Personal Edition users may include:

    • Individuals looking to create professionally balanced music mixes to enjoy on their own or play at parties.
    • Event disc jockeys looking for a highly customizable and efficient way to manage their music collection and create optimized music flows.
    • Companies wishing to create custom music and content mixes for their in-store broadcast or on-hold music.
    • Hobbyists who create and stream their own non-commercial radio station online via a web service and wish to try out professional grade tools at a mere fraction of the price.
    • Broadcast students who wish to hone their scheduling skills and include experience with an industry-standard software on their resumes. (Ask about our qualified Student Discount!)
  • Included Features

    Included Features

    PE comes with nearly all of the powerful tools our Professional Edition offers for building a library, creating rules and clocks, scheduling logs and analyzing play history. The software does not include interface capabilities, such as file exports and imports or real-time synchronization with third-party software. However, PE includes our fully featured Audio Player that can playback your stream live or online. You can compare all features or check out some of the highlights below:

    • Out of the box setup that allows the individual to start entering their songs immediately and hear their stream.
    • Playback audio from your Library or a scheduled music log, right from within MusicMaster.
    • Manage Format Clocks, lognotes and assignment grids.
    • Ability to get more complex by managing your library, clocks and rules to personalize your sound.
    • Buyout Software means you pay once and continue to get all service releases for your version.
  • FAQ

    Questions About PE

    Do I need to purchase a player to listen to my audio?
    No. Personal Edition comes with its own built-in audio player.

    Which streaming audio servers does the built-in player work with?
    Any Shoutcast or Icecast Server that you install or rent from a streaming audio hosting service.

    Can you do live voice tracks with Personal Edition?
    No. You could record the tracks as an audio file and then insert it into the schedule where needed.

    Where do I store my data?
    The data is stored locally (not over a network) and is intended to be stored in the Database folder youselect when you install the program.

    Are there any additional licensing fees for Personal Edition?
    No. However, you have the option to purchase per-incident support requests.

    What happens when new versions of Personal Edition are released? Do I get the new versions?
    Yes. You will receive all updates of the major version you purchased. For instance, we release service releases from time-to-time for the software. These are referred to as “sr” numbers; i.e., 6.0sr2. As long as the major number, in this example 6.0, remains the same, you can use Help, Check for Updates to get all service releases for this version. Once 7.0 is released, you would need to purchase an upgrade to get this version.

    Can you open more than one copy of Personal Edition at a time?

    Can Personal Edition interface with an automation system, import traffic or import files to populate the database?
    No. This level of connectivity is introduced as part of our single-station Solo Edition as well as our standard Pro and Client-Server subscriptions.

    If you're still not sure which edition is right for you, we're happy to help. Contact Us