July 2018

MusicMaster ProTeam Welcomes RWPC, Inc.

The MusicMaster ProTeam is a group of experienced broadcast consultants who are available to assist MusicMaster clients with programming advice. While they may offer services covering many aspects of station success, we’ve handpicked each for the ProTeam based on their in-depth knowledge of MusicMaster and programming strategies.

This month, we’d like to introduce you to two more members of the MusicMaster ProTeam team: JJ Jobe and Scott Huskey of RWPC, Inc. The genesis of RWPC was Rusty Walker Programming Consultants in 1985. After Rusty's passing in 2012, Scott and JJ continued the tradition. For the past 20 years, Scott and JJ have been consulting stations and creating winning radio around the country - from California to Cape Cod and Michigan to Florida. While they specialize in Country, they help stations in other mainstream formats as well, and in all market sizes. They have also been MusicMaster users for over 30 years.

When it comes to their business, Scott and JJ say: "We provide that extra set of eyes and ears that today's busy manager needs. We provide a strategy that is unique to each situation. We don't do cookie-cutter. We believe in the power of radio meeting the needs of the local markets. What we want to do is help you grow your listener base so that you can grow your bottom line."

To learn more about Scott and JJ's services, find them on the MusicMaster ProTeam page or visit their website. You can also contact them directly at info@rwpconline.com or 662-423-5003.

Just ahead, Scott and JJ present some MusicMaster tips in their article "Editing Backwards?"

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Featured Video: History Linking

In this advanced MusicMaster "Master Class" we show you how to set up History Linking. This can be used to connect the airplay histories of two or more copies of a song, allowing you to see a combined history showing where any of the copies were scheduled. It can be useful in cases where you've copied the same song into two or more categories in order to rotate them at different speeds in different dayparts. Or, when you have copied a song into a special category for feature shows, but also play it in a normal rotation category. Another use is to link multiple versions of the same song that you want MusicMaster to look at equally when it comes to rest. In this video, you'll also learn about how to use the new Version 7 feature "Merge Songs".

Editing Backwards?

Presented by JJ Jobe and Scott Huskey of RWPC, Inc.

Have you ever considered the benefits of editing backwards? We have found it makes finding replacement songs easier and faster. MusicMaster Help says "The process of editing a log is a personal one for each programmer." And that being said, if you do not edit this way, that's okay. There is no right or wrong way to edit, as long as you get the music mix you want for your station.

Assuming you have the proper number of songs in each category for the active clocks you have and that you have set up the Rule Tree to give you the balance you desire (you know the right balance of era, tempo, style, etc.), you should have very little editing to do.

When you do need to edit, we suggest starting with the last song of the day and working backwards. Why? Because each replacement song is tested not only against songs that are scheduled before, but also against songs that are scheduled after the song with the failure. So if you start from last song of the day and edit backwards, you have a better chance of finding a replacement, because you are mostly testing against songs scheduled in the past.

One last tip. Make sure you don't miss any unscheduled songs by checking this box in the Schedule Editor Options.

  Quick Tip

Schedule Editor Options

There are some things you do in the Editor over and over that can be simplified by using the settings available in Tools, Options, Schedule Editor Options. For instance, if you insert songs on a regular basis, you can configure the Shift-Insert Function to do this. If there are only certain failures you'd like to stop on, you can configure the Rule Failures to search for option. There are even options to configure how direct data entry can be done. These are just a few more ways to short-cut your editing time by customizing MusicMaster to the way you edit.

New From the MM Blog
What Is Your Station's Actual Format?

by Jesus Rodriguez - Are you sure your station is the format you think it is? Whether it’s the genre in general that you play or how the different sub-genres play on your station, I’d like to take you through an exercise to so you understand exactly what your format at this moment.

I often get calls from users saying that they hear too much R&B on a Hip Hop station, the CHR station is playing too much Urban music, the bilingual station is playing more English music than average, the rock station sounds too alternative, etc. I usually get these calls the most right after music test results have been implemented or when there’s a wave of music shifting in the format. When I get a call saying "Jesus I just can’t have this playing so much, we aren’t that kind of format!”, rather than giving a verbal response, I show the user the facts. You can do the same.

I hear it all the time, “My station needs to be 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, etc.” If you ever question whether your station’s mood, tempo, amount of songs by an artist, sound codes, or just about anything is off (where you hear more of one over the others), there is a feature that will be helpful to you. Right-click on any field and click on Library Analysis. You will get a window similar to this one below giving you the numbers for those items currently in your library view...

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Hearing Is Believing: Give Your Log A Listen Before You Send It

by Dave Tyler - As programmers, we all schedule our music and then “massage” it - or check it out to fill any unscheduled positions and just give it a good once over to make sure tomorrow’s music will sound the way it should. Some programmers just schedule and send the log, while others will take an hour or more to look over every transition. I will say this up front, MusicMaster gives you all of the tools you could possibly need to basically schedule, check for any unscheduled positions, and send a great log. If your database is built well from the category level up through your clocks, grids and into well thought-out coding and rules, then there should be very little left to do after hitting “Auto-Schedule”. With all of that said, the prideful Programmer still wants to make sure he/she is sending the best product.  I would like to suggest a great way to “Listen” to your log!

Before being able to listen to your log you are going to need to link your song cards to the actual audio. This can be done via Audio File Settings in Tools/Options. Once your Audio Files are setup, then you can open a scheduled log. In my example, I right click on Shannon Lawson, then select Audio, and I get a lot of different options as you can see below:

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John Stathis

Station Manager En Lefko 87.7, HIT 88.9, Greece

John Stathis is the Station Manager of En Lefko 87.7 and HIT 88.9, hit radio stations in Athens, Greece. They began using MusicMaster in April this year and are already raving fans. John shares: “When our stations were approaching all time ratings highs, my instincts were screaming that in order to deliver maximum performance, we had to advance the day-to-day music scheduling and overall log development. This would create additional competitive advantages that would be hard to identify and replicate in our tough and crowded market. Rainer Eichhorn (from MusicMaster's international partner ON AIR) immediately responded to my initiative and in a record time (I think it was a matter of weeks) we had MusicMaster up and running for both the stations. Now we are able to achieve strategic and creative log excellence and put in action several programming enhancements long awaiting in our agendas. It is about rule accuracy, a wealth of choice and the simplicity to execute complex concepts. All result in a killer combination: a simple way to be rigid with the day-to-day schedules whilst boosting creativity and delivering to the listener the optimum output.” 

Bart Van Gogh and Frank Kok

MusicMaster Support and Sales Partners
Top of Mind BV, The Netherlands

This month, we turn our spotlight not just on one individual - but on the super-team of Bart and Frank! Bart Van Gogh (left image) and Frank Kok are part of our international MusicMaster support and sales network. They operate from Top of Mind Media Branding in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, serving the Benelux and Nordic regions.

Top of Mind has been helping MusicMaster clients since 2012. As Bart describes it, they do “sales, training and consulting - in no specific order. Whatever comes first!” Bart says he loves working with MusicMaster because of its flexibility and intuitive workflow. Frank enjoys working with a fantastic international team of enthusiastic radio and music people.

Frank began his career in the 1980s at a local radio station in the east of The Netherlands. In 1996, he joined Top Format Productions, a European production company creating station IDs, jingles and commercials. In 2000, he and his business partner bought the company and since then, the company has grown and launched two new companies - one of which is Top of Mind.

Bart, during his early career in the 70s and 80s, describes himself as a “radio pirate.” He worked for numerous radio stations in Europe before joining Top Format Productions. The rest is history!

In his free time, Bart enjoys voice acting, reading, cooking, and “things which are too personal to mention in public.” As for Frank, he says “It’s probably no surprise, but music is a big hobby of mine.” He likes to create new playlists for at home, in the car, or when he is traveling. Frank also enjoys exploring wines. He says, “I like to immerse myself in the different types of grapes and areas. So far, France and Napa are my two favorite wine countries. Last year, I visited Duckhorn in Napa.” During the winter season, Frank can be found in the Alps. He enjoys skiing and his favorite areas are Tignes / Val d’Isere in France or Lech in Austria. In fact, Frank enjoys all kinds of travel, where he enjoys learning about new people and cultures.

Bart and Frank welcome you to connect with them online through LinkedIn. Click here for Bart or click here for Frank.

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