MusicMaster Scheduling
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MusicMaster has the ease of use that novice users appreciate, and at the same time the power the advance MD's want to dig deep and fine tune the database and rules to schedule exactly what you want it to schedule. As the station's website manager...  Read More

Sara Beth Merz
Music Director
QMIX 107.3 (WRZQ)
Columbus, IN

We run three networks broadcasting mostly nationwide. Our brands Cool FM, Wazobia FM, and Nigeria Info offer a straight CHR format, local African music and a News/Talk/Sports format mixed with some smooth Jazz. We have used MusicMaster for over a...  Read More

Alero Eghagha
Head of Music
Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Nigeria Info
Lagos, Nigeria

I'm glad that through my entire radio career, MusicMaster has been what I've been using. Sure, I've tried other music scheduling software, but, honestly, I've never found one that works as well or is as user-friendly as MusicMaster. My favorite...  Read More

Shawn Turner
CHAY Music Director
Corus Entertainment
Barrie, ON

We at Bayern 3 have been working with MusicMaster for four years and it was very easy to get familiar with the software. It's very intuitive and the structure is very close to the Windows-principle, which is also good for interacting...  Read More

Robert Morawa
Music Director
Bayern 3
Munich, Germany

When I joined West Virginia Radio, earlier this year, they were already MusicMaster users. I was excited to relearn the program and have found it to be a great fit for our stations and for my position as the director of programming. I can get into...  Read More

Charlie Cook
Director Of Programming
Formely of West Virginia Radio Corporation

My journey with MusicMaster has been an exciting one over the past years. One of my favorite things about the program is the fact that the teaching continues. Daily. If you are willing to immerse yourself with MusicMaster, it...  Read More

Eloise Pretorius
Head of Music & DJ
OFM, Bloemfontein
South Africa

The more I use MusicMaster, the MORE I fall in love with its forward-thinking features, great rotations and nearly instant air-quality music logs. The software is very intuitive for OMs, PDs and MDs whether they consider themselves...  Read More

George Cook
Program Director/Brand Manager
Dallas, TX

The flexible rule-setting and powerful analysis set this program apart. It's easy to set up and it's very intuitive. I'd use it even if they weren't paying me to say this. (Just kidding.)

Kurt Johnson
Vice President of Programming
Townsquare Media