Here are two of my favorite features that make my job easier and my station sound great! 1) Reconciling my logs has never been easier. I pick the date range, MusicMaster goes to my Scott Studio Aired results log, pulls the data, and matches it to my scheduled music. That way I get a true history and I can see if anyone inserted any songs they shouldn't have! 2) One of my weekend Features is the Classic Rewind Weekend. With MusicMaster I have my clocks set up to follow my legal ID, which represents a year and also has that year as a theme. The songs and imaging that follow automatically follow the theme for the half hour the feature runs every hour. Before MusicMaster, I had to do this manually. Now it's a breeze and saves me a lot of time!

Brent Alberts
Corporate Director Rock, Midwest Region Director of Programming/Operations
Citadel Broadcasting Alumnus