In the past twenty years I have been music director for a major market radio station, worked for a company that generated hundreds of music logs daily, consulted program and music directors on music scheduling and other software... and I have overseen music scheduling at the corporate level for some mighty impressive corporations. I can operate every "music scheduler" on the market today. And, a lot that are no longer on the market. Today I am designing low-cost plug-and-play music formats for HD FM stations that are not only unique but fully customizable. And there is only one "music scheduler" I would consider using - MusicMaster.

Why? Because IT is fully customizable. I put the term "music scheduler" in quotations because I don't see the software as just a scheduler. More than that, it's my partner. It's how I solve every music problem that surfaces with these off-the-wall formats. I can tell the software what I need to do and, in turn, it shows me the absolute best way to make it happen.

Today, there is no way to compare MusicMaster with any other software. When I sit down at the computer every day, I put on the only tool-belt I will need: MusicMaster. The net result is really simple. If your music director has a comfort zone that consists of generating tomorrow's log and nothing else, MusicMaster will do that. If your music director is a bells and whistles kinda guy who decides to explore what MusicMaster can really do, his only limitation will be his imagination.

Jon Badeaux
KHJ, KDAY, Clear Channel, Sandusky