I had used Selector my entire programming career, dating back to 1989, and used it ever since up to the moment the President of our company (David Santrella) asked me to test drive MusicMaster. I'll have to admit that I was not only skeptical, but I flat out didn't want to change. Why change something you're comfortable with that you worked with for so many years! Don't fix it if it isn't broke, right?

I learned a valuable lesson in the process. MusicMaster is more versatile and rock solid. It's flat-out better. They challenged me to come up with things I wished Selector could do, which I did, and they had an answer for everything. They are also open to any suggestions. It's like having the security of my old system, but with more flexibility and features, and you know the owners and creators, so you know you will have the best support ever. Their training is the best. Today my PD's have a far superior product with many more options than before. Their stations sound better and are less predictable than when we had Selector.

It's a game-changer, and I will never look back.

Mike Blakemore
VP Programming
Salem Communications
Atlanta, GA