I refrain from calling MusicMaster a "music scheduling" system; it's really a user-friendly, customizable, music strategy management and delivery system. If you're a user, be sure to maximize the customization aspect of the manual editor. If you're a new convert, consider the need for new song attributes that represent key aspects of your music strategy. Our clients with MusicMaster have seen this software become a solid tool that helps maintain focus throughout the entire strategic process; from market study to music study, to data analysis and sorting, and then music system implementation and log analysis. This final and regular review step helps ensure what comes out of the speakers is consistent with the strategic vision created at the first stage of the process. Here is where a focused collection of song attributes and smart use of the manual editor can present a visual representation of the "ideal" music sweep, instead of a dizzying collection of text and codes. This, in turn, helps you spot and resolve potential problems... before your consultant sees them.

Ralph Cipolla
MusicMaster User
Jacobs Media