Initially, the reason I chose MusicMaster for my stations was a budget consideration. However, after seeing the feature set and experiencing the great one-on-one support, we have now standardized MusicMaster to all of our clusters. After using MusicMaster for that first month, it was hard for me to imagine scheduling without it. I am constantly learning new and better ways to do things.

My absolute favorite part of MusicMaster has always been its ability to work with Excel. It's so easy to manipulate data and create test datasets or even get a new station running quickly. Another feature that really helped on my Hip-Hop station is Rule Groups and the ability to daypart them.

Category quick move has turned into my best friend. I run tight categories and the number of songs is critical to having a proper rotation. Being able to see at a glance whether I am up or down a song or two while doing rotation is a big time saver.

Finally, my favorite feature is having a dedicated support contact. It is great to have a relationship with one person, who gets where you are coming from. It makes support so easy and much less time consuming when it is needed.

Chris Collins
Program Director
Holladay Broadcasting
Bastrop, Louisiana