The more I use MusicMaster, the MORE I fall in love with its forward-thinking features, great rotations and nearly instant air-quality music logs. The software is very intuitive for OMs, PDs and MDs whether they consider themselves DOS dummies or "digital natives." And as a consultant, it made my life easier because MusicMaster helped me accelerate the training and transition process for those programmers whenever there was a change in strategy, direction, position or responsibilities that they had to take on immediately.

Among two of my favorite MusicMaster features are the customizable song highlighting feature in the Schedule Editor, and new MusicMaster widget for WideOrbit Automation. The easy-to-use song highlighting feature enables you to see versatile and vivid graphical representations on screen of the song criteria that you care most about when scheduling – everything from core artists to research scores to tempo. It's completely programmable. You don't have to spend as much time massaging the log as you think you do. I use and recommend the song highlighting and instant analysis features to help create a more powerful and emotional music flow that will better engage audiences.

George Cook
Program Director/Brand Manager
Dallas, TX