All the repetitive functions of editing are available with keystrokes as well as mouse clicks. Using both makes it easy to get into a rhythm checking your logs. Favorite features include the Artist Separation wizard. Having the wizard to help set a customized artist sep on all artists is great at keeping the artists with fewer tracks separated. I was happy to see MusicMaster offer the ability to run a projected turnover and schedule density on an attribute like a Sound Code. Very useful in a variety based format. Adding 'Category Plays' to the Auto-Platoon function instead of only 'Move Date' is another useful MusicMaster addition for me.

I'm very happy with MusicMaster and the support team. The transition was smooth, complete with custom written files for song imports with what I wanted. An excellent program backed by a great team.

Allan Gidyk
Operations Manager
Classic Hits, Coast 101.1
St. John's, NL Canada