MusicMaster is the first music scheduling software platform I've given my complete trust to. Rules, Rotations, Separations, flow, texture... all the important boundaries we put on our music library and ask MusicMaster to do, it does. When you think of creating the perfect music log, no matter the size of your library, whether your library is 2500 songs or 100 songs, MusicMaster can take the audio-perception you have for your station in your head and create nearly perfect logs, day after day. For me, the software has taken the "What if I could..." ideas and put them into useable scheduling functions.

Optimum Scheduling Goals is a true revolution for MusicMaster. From a time when I would pay whatever it cost to have the "best" product ... MusicMaster is the product that you have to have - not because its the most affordable, but because it does everything music scheduling software should do, and more.

Tom Gjerdrum
Operations Manager
Backyard Broadcasting
South Dakota