MusicMaster helps the staff of WOSU Public Media's Classical 101 classical music radio service bring beautiful, inspiring music to listeners all day, every day. All of the Classical 101 team members use MusicMaster to research artists, to find great performances of well known works and even to rediscover those great "spice" recordings lurking on their library's shelves! Classical 101 Music Director Beverley Ervine is always elbow-deep in MusicMaster, scheduling the station's 12 hours daily of locally hosted music programming. She especially likes MusicMaster's multiple Title Keyword functionality: "Since the classical music radio format deals so often with excerpts from larger works, being able to assign multiple Title Keywords to each database record allows us to avoid duplications in programming." Ervine also appreciates that MusicMaster's search filters can help her target and find in her dataset's Library exactly what she's looking for, and she enjoys finding creative ways to use Song Lists. "Classical radio programming tends to acknowledge annual holidays and other notable dates," Ervine said. "It's nice that once we build a playlist for a special date we can add its contents to a Song List, so that when that date rolls around again we have a list of appropriate musical selections at our fingertips."

Jennifer Hambrick
MusicMaster User
Columbus, OH