I've done two things with MusicMaster. One is to experiment with the rules settings based on how much time I have to edit the logs. As we all know, the days of spending two hours editing one day's music are, for the most part gone. If I'm spending too much time editing, I adjust the rules slightly. If I don't see any unscheduled songs, I tighten a bit. It's sad that "time" has become the dictator of quality, but MusicMaster works really well for me to strike a balance. My other secret tip is to rely on the support people at MusicMaster. Drew is excellent as someone who really knows what he is doing and being a great person as well. He never makes you feel stupid; even though I've bombarded him with what many people would consider dumb questions! The support at MusicMaster is truly the best in the business.

Jack Hicks
Operations Manager
Bemidji, MN