Before being exposed to MusicMaster, I scheduled music with blinders on. Now, don't get me wrong, I could tap out a day of music on the other system pretty quick. I thought it was right on. I was wrong. What we get with MusicMaster is phenomenal flexibility with our tempo/type selection and a history breakdown second to none.

I am a firm believer that it's what you DO play that hurts you, not what you don't play. With MusicMaster, after setting up our parameters, we know that we're not going to over saturate a day part with something that's not in power.

Another feature we are big on is the gold platoon. This feature has allowed us to efficiently schedule our golds for optimum exposure, then rest what needs it, with ease and accuracy.

I could talk all day about what has made me a MusicMaster guy after pledging allegiance to Selector, but you wouldn't listen until you heard what your station COULD sound like. Trust me, old school music scheduling is inefficient and, well, dumb.

JJ Holiday
Program Director
St. Cloud, MN