I'm sure most "old schoolers" can relate when I say music scheduling has evolved at super sonic speed. We've come a long way from the days of jocks hand-picking vinyl for their show, to now being able to change a song on-air with a Blackberry. MusicMaster's evolution is just as dramatic with the latest version of MusicMaster. I love the customization, user friendliness, mobility and powerful processing capability. The program is the easiest and most effective way to put your "vision" on your station. Experienced users love the fact that you control the programming but MusicMaster does the work. If you're a new user, and not 100% sure about rotation rules and formulas, simply let the MusicMaster "Rule Wizard" set you up. You can tweak as you go. My favourite feature? "Play song"…you no longer have to wonder how "that splitter" will flow with "that song"…who would have thought when we were picking vinyl all those years ago, that one day a simple mouse click on the screen will give you instant preview of how it will sound on-air. It's a PD/MD dream. You have to love technology.

Danny Kingsbury
General Manager
Halifax, NS, Canada