After having successfully implemented MusicMaster for Windows on the radio front, there was no question that it could be used for the complicated task of scheduling videos. One thing that MusicMaster has been able to provide to CMT and many other MTV networks is the opportunity to customize the software to look at the texture, environment and type of video.

One of the other large tasks, which the MusicMaster team worked so hard on, was to integrate MusicMaster with existing MTV programs that are responsible for importing commercials, promos and various long form programming. After digging into the program further, we've been able to utilize it as a research tool as well. MusicMaster even allows me to watch a video on my desktop, right from the scheduling screen.

The program is spreading through the MTV Networks like wildfire, and is being used for formats from Caribbean to Country.

Evan Kroft
Dir. Music Programming & Talent Relations
CMT - Country Music Television Alumnus
Nashville, TN