Bayern 2 differs a lot from the typical MusicMaster customer: Our focus is on spoken word. Music adds emotional touches, works as "glue" between information and cultural content. Hits are not that important to us, an eclectic range from singer/songwriter to world music is. Therefore our categories are quite different from your typical music radio. MusicMaster gives us a great range of options for our special way of handling those categories. Being able to automatically select from several categories in any one given line of our clocks is a key functionality for us to achieve the right mix of styles, languages and eras. As a small music department we especially appreciate the remote functionalities of MusicMaster. Even at times of staff shortages during vacation and holiday periods I can access our database from wherever, respond to sudden requirements and make necessary changes. By the way, it's also a great way to kill time at the airport while waiting for a departure: Log on securely and help the team at the station by planning an extra day of music. Perfect.

Claus Kruesken
Head of Music
Bayern 2
Munich, Germany