One of my favorite features in MusicMaster is Special Sets. Setting up this feature is easy and saves hundreds of hours a year in scheduling specialized production into your logs that would otherwise have to be done manually, like placing Artist ID's or Intros before songs. I can set up 3-4 special set positions in each hour (as many as you want really) telling MusicMaster to schedule an Artist ID, Image Sweeper or quick ID in those Special Set log positions, dependent upon the rules that I make. I can even time/date the ID's so that the specific production plays when I want it (Like the artist saying 'good morning' or 'good afternoon' or 'it's the weekend!') Setting up the rules for this feature is intuitive and once you learn how to do it you'll just start coming up with more ideas on how to specialize the production on your station. Bye-bye to the days of manually picking the right production to play at the right times in front of the right songs. Set it up once, code your songs and production and you see the results in the log. And although there's more than one way to control flow/tempo/content element to element in your log I use Special Sets for that too. Now you've got more time to coach your jocks, write that report or even leave the studios for lunch!

Scott Lindy
Program Director
WSTR-FM Alumnus
Atlanta, GA