MusicMaster has the ease of use that novice users appreciate, and at the same time the power the advance MD's want to dig deep and fine tune the database and rules to schedule exactly what you want it to schedule. As the station's website manager I've dealt with several management systems that can be frustrating to navigate because the structure is poorly built or the language used is for someone with a PhD. MusicMaster by far has been my favorite program to use. I actually look forward to those times when our Program Director comes to me and says "make this (insert music/playlist task) happen!" because I know MusicMaster will get the job done. And for those few times I get stuck, I have no problem talking to anyone on the friendly tech support staff.

I think Keith Hill shared a version of this quote with me on one of his consulting visits, and I whole heartily agree with it concerning MusicMaster. "There are several vehicles out there that can get you from point A to point B. The difference is in the ride experience - you could get there smushed in the backseat of a clunky old VW bug, or enjoy the luxury of the smooth ride of a Cadillac." MusicMaster is that Cadillac.

Sara Beth Merz
Music Director
QMIX 107.3 (WRZQ)
Columbus, IN