I would NOT be able to do my job without MusicMaster. With so many different stations, markets, and program directors, there are a million different requests I get for quirky ways to schedule a station. MusicMaster's rule options are limitless. And if I can't find a rule to suit the request at hand, I place a quick phone call to my MSC, and I have a solution!

Having worked with MSDOS Selector extensively before, MusicMaster is HANDS DOWN the better option, and I tell our clients this when they are deciding what scheduling system to go with. There is just SO much more that can be done with MusicMaster.

Since I schedule so many stations each week, it is essential that I am able to set up a rule tree that I can trust to get the job done. My MSC has been incredibly helpful in teaching me what all can be done with the rules and coding of music. Meticulous scheduling is what I am hired to do, and without MusicMaster, there is no way that I could accomplish this.

It has been amazing to see over the past years what a difference scheduling with MusicMaster has made in actual ratings! It pays to take the time to learn all that MusicMaster has to offer and to utilize it!

Megan Phillips
Director of Music Scheduling
Timeless Cool Custom Programming
Bellevue, WA