We were having trouble getting the sound we wanted with our old scheduling software. We looked at several different products, and when we saw how well MusicMaster worked, we were sold instantly. We made the switch about 3 months ago and it has performed flawlessly, editing is faster, we're getting better rotations and it's way more fun to use.

I was impressed with the fact that the database is a standardized architecture, rather than a proprietary system, making it much easier to deploy on our network. I love the fact that the history grid shows you not only what hour a song or element played, but which quarter hour it played in. The ability to cut and paste data back and forth between a spreadsheet and MusicMaster saves a huge amount of time as well. There are a vast number of other features and tools that have really worked well for us including the Rule Tree, Optimum Goal Scheduling, and the ability to play the current element's audio with one keystroke.

On top of all that is the brilliant customer support, my MusicMaster guys have been incredibly helpful, even with the smallest issue. It's a very refreshing change from what we had before. It's clear to me that MusicMaster is the next generation of music scheduling software. I honestly don't know why we waited this long to switch.

Mark Pooley
Music Director Alumnus
Toronto, Ontario