Having multiple duties to manage can make for a long day. Luckily, Music Master does most of the heavy lifting for me and keeps us at the top of the Nielsens. Using the Auto-Platoon feature lets my listeners feel like they’ve lucked into a song they haven’t heard in a while. I use Auto Move for imaging so we always sound topical. For example, Back to School, Fall, Fantasy Football, and Veterans Day sweepers automatically come and go without me moving them. I also use the Match Flow rule on imaging so a Freedom Rock sweeper doesn't play into Adele.

I was lucky enough to get to beta test MusicMaster Version 7. Virtual Search Depth is probably my favorite feature, since my categories are constantly changing. It’s a real game changer. There’s a LOT of cool stuff in 7!

For anyone just learning MusicMaster or anyone spending a lot of time editing their logs, I’d suggest setting aside 30 minutes on the slowest day of your week to watch some of the MusicMaster walkthroughs or webinars. You’ll learn something that will save you six to ten minutes per day. You do the math.

Evan Shipe
Music Scheduling Czar
Emmis Austin Radio
Austin, TX