In my 20 years in radio I've used all kinds of music scheduling systems (yes, including the file box full of index cards!), none of them has afforded me the control over exactly how I needed the stations I program to sound better than MusicMaster does. One of the features I'm particularly happy with (and proud of for developing the use of) is the Special Sets feature in the clocks. We have a ton of specialized content from artists that we've gathered over the years at SiriusXM, and with the Special Sets feature combined with a 'secret sauce' of keywords and breakable and unbreakable rules, we very effortlessly can schedule all of this content throughout the days and dayparts so they get not only maximum exposure but take an above average amount of time to burn out (as specialty content can tend to do…) My good buddy Paul Ziino let me know that no one was using that function of MusicMaster quite in that way, which I promptly spread up and down the halls of SiriusXM, to make us all sound even better! Thanks so much, guys!

Al Skop
Director, Music Programming
SiriusXM Radio