I've been programming music for more than 20 years. Our company just underwent a complete overhaul back in August 2009. This included our on-air systems and subsequently our music system as well. I can tell you I couldn't be more pleased that we now use MusicMaster! I love the user interface, the visual layout and the overall experience of working with a Windows-based piece of software. MusicMaster truly is a wonderful tool for any music or program director. I love being able to use the "Move" options for songs so that I can easily platoon my music for easy rotation. And I don't have to worry about it making it back to its proper category, as MusicMaster will take care of that for me. I also love the breakdown information you can get with the "turnover analysis." Plus, the easy to use layout when creating clocks makes generating any kind of schedule effortless. All-in-all MusicMaster is a really great piece of software, and, if ever you are stuck, the great support you get from Malcolm and Paul is fantastic!

Mike Storr
Operations Manager
Maratime Broadcasting
Halifax, NS Canada