Having worked with MusicMaster software for almost three decades, and having had the chance to work with other systems as well, I can honestly say it's the best music scheduling software available. Not only is this because of the program itself, but also because of the great team behind the scenes I've worked with. Joe, Jill, Drew and Malcolm are the best. We've all experienced the 'less than interested' response to software questions and problems and it's refreshing that the MusicMaster team are so quick to offer support and solutions to issues you might be having. They've also been more than responsive to ideas for upgrades and improvements (very rare :-)). We use a couple of features that I'm not sure everyone knows about, but are real time savers. One is the ability to copy and paste a portion of your schedule to another day and time. For example, if you do a local countdown or classic show that repeats during the week, you simply have to enter the show once, then you can copy and paste it to the repeated daypart. The other feature we've been using is the "Export to Affiliates" feature that allows you to share your music schedule with affiliate stations. The beauty is the affiliates get a well-groomed schedule, but still have the luxury of localizing as needed. They simply import the schedule, then are free to adjust for timing, local shows, or regional artists they would like to feature. I'm sure the other 'music scheduling geeks' out there feel the same way as I do about the program itself and the support team. Truly the best!

Janet Trecarten
Brand Director/Operations Manager
Astral Radio
Winnipeg, MB