It might make me sound old, but I really just have a lot of experience! And I started when I was 11… When I first started programming in radio we used MusicScan, later to become MusicMaster. I've had the chance to use numerous programs over my long career, and not one system, or a combo of "solutions" has ever even come close to being as flexible, configurable or as much of a time-saver as MusicMaster has been for me. Two of my favorite time-saving features within the program include being able to map out special programming features, holiday schedules and placing them in the Format Scheduler to make the clocks appear and be used to schedule on date(s) I intend to use them. The other feature I use EVERY day are Format Lists that I use to schedule and control the placement of all our imaging pieces. It allows me TOTAL control of the placement of show pieces, station events and community mentions without ever needing to mess in clocks. I can add in special image pieces to any day/anytime and see the turnover of any elements. As a programmer to be able to see, preview and adapt and control the overall/total sound of the station including imaging and station positioners in one place is exactly what I need in my music scheduler. And to know Marianne and the MusicMaster support team is right there when I need help is a fantastic comfort!

Corey Tremere
Program Director
Charlottetown, PE