It's hard to narrow down what my favorite feature of MusicMaster is. Overall, it has to be how user friendly and intuitive the entire program is. Most of us are pretty familiar with Windows, and MusicMaster is a program designed for the present and the future. I LOVE the mass changer feature that allows you to easily change the attributes of as many titles as you'd like in just a couple of clicks. You can even change the font from all caps, to a mix of caps and lower case. That was a huge time saver for me as I was importing many songs into my library that did not look how I wanted them to look. You can do this with everything from Artist Keywords to Sound Codes. I'm also a big fan of how completely customizable everything is, especially in the schedule editor. It's a HUGE time saver to have the things that are most important to YOU where YOU want them when you are scheduling your music and other elements. We looked at all of the options available to us, and in truth, there really aren't many serious contenders out there when it comes to music scheduling software. When we learned how competitive the terms are and add in how passionate and professional the support staff is… the decision was easy for us to choose MusicMaster. I've been using MusicMaster for about seven months and I have completely fallen in love with this software. If you're thinking about upgrading, you will not be disappointed with MusicMaster.

Jeff Wolf
Operations Manager
Border Media Austin
Austin, TX