Always First is not just an empty marketing phrase. It represents our mission as a music scheduling software provider and our track record since 1983.

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MusicMaster 5.0

MusicMaster Version 5.0 is just about ready for release. It's literally been years in the making, so you can expect some really cool new stuff! You'll find amazing things in MusicMaster 5.0, just to name a few, such as: Show Scheduling and Feature Rotation, Merged Traffic Editing, Instant Category Stats, Batch Log Printing, Scheduling Status Calendar, Multiple Runtimes, Auto-Swapping in the Schedule Editor, a new Hour Filter for Turnover Analysis, Auto-Sort by Rest Pre-Scheduling, Extended Turnover Predictions with Keyword and Attribute Demand and Rotation Analysis, and a few new Optimum Goal Scheduling options that are guaranteed to make your radio station sound better, save you time, build a bigger audience and hold onto them longer, and most important, truly blow your mind!

MusicMaster iNexus (iPhone Remote Control App)

MusicMaster iNexus Screen

Now you can program your radio station or look up songs in MusicMaster while sipping a Latte at Starbucks. MusicMaster is the first and only music scheduling system to give you remote access via your smartphone with our new iNexus App.

This works in conjunction with our Nexus Server to give you a private connection to the MusicMaster library and schedule histories. Review the logs, swap, move, or replace songs, do a library search by category, title, or artists, and even review histories on our innovative quarter-hour history graphs. Do it all from your iPhone or iPad. Seriously cool.


We're not in the digital audio automation business, but we do provide a solution for simple music streaming. NexPlay is an audio player that connects directly to MusicMaster through our Nexus Server. It's perfect for fully automated stations, HD channels, Internet streams, and anywhere else where keeping cost down is an important consideration. It sounds great, too!

NexPlay Screenshot

MusicMaster Dashboard

If you supervise programming across a number of radio stations, MusicMaster's new Dashboard may become your favorite tool. It not only provides detailed analysis of just about anything you need to know about your music logs, it allows you to compare the results for multiple radio stations on the same Internet browser screen. Compare Hit-Recurrent-Gold ratios, density of attributes such as Sound, Gender, Era, Tempo, and even average year. Compare the top spinning artists or songs, too. It's like a vital signs monitor that's watching over several of your “patients” at the same time. Have fun, Doc!

Dashboard Screenshot


On-line music testing isn’t new, but ResearchMaster is the first system to be fully integrated with your MusicMaster music scheduling software. Test results can be applied to your music database in real time via Nexus Server so you can put the information to work immediately with traditional rule sets or by allowing Optimum Goal Scheduling to pick the best song based on the results of the survey. ResearchMaster also allows you to ask custom designed perceptual questions and get immediate feedback from your listeners. Most importantly, ResearchMaster provides an opportunity for you to interact with your audience in a meaningful way. They appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the process and asked their opinion.

ResearchMaster is available now to add to your programming arsenal!

Research Master Screenshot

Research Master Screenshot

MusicMaster Live Server

Take Control of Blendella Blendella Screenshot

The perfect marriage of social networking and broadcast radio is now available exclusively with MusicMaster Live. Now you can turn over the steering wheel of the car to your audience, without giving them the ability to drive off the road or crash into a tree! As a professional broadcaster, you know why it's critically important to generate content that is optimized for maximum cume and time spent listening. Without controls, you cannot provide a proper mix, great balance and flow, and also pay attention to details like artist and title separation, and daypart and hour rotation.

MusicMaster Live is a web server that connects your audience directly to your MusicMaster music scheduling system. It allows you to maintain full control of your format, while delivering a satisfying interactive and social networking experience to your most active listeners. Take your audience for a spin in the car, but put it on rails. Thanks to MusicMaster's exclusive Optimum Goal Scheduling engine, no matter which songs the active listeners choose, the resulting mix is optimized for the passive audience as well. MusicMaster Live integrates fully with Facebook and Twitter, allows your listener to preview and buy their favorite songs instantly, compete with each other to program your station, and even chat with you (and each other) about the music, or whatever else they like to talk about. You even have the option to automate requests, and MusicMaster Live will make sure the requested songs find the perfect spot in the playlist. MusicMaster Live also gives you direct feedback from your audience in real time. Not only will you get valuable research back from every song you play, you'll also be able to crunch the voting results based on demographic and listener location. This is only the beginning!

You can check out MusicMaster Live Server in action right now. It's being used to power a new online music service called Blendella that is currently in beta testing. Just register or connect with Facebook and you'll be able to vote on the upcoming songs on any of the three channels—Hits, Nashvillage, or EuroHeart. Just click the Play button on any of Blendella's channels to start listening to the stream.