MusicMaster Scheduling
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User Experience

This is your passion

Chances are, you didn't go into radio because you love computers.

For you - it's about that feeling in your bones when the music flows just right. You're an artist, and when you put that passion into your log, your listeners will become your fans.

This is your system

MusicMaster was designed by us to be designed by you.

MusicMaster is not a one-size fits all software, and has been growing and adapting to fit its users since 1983. That's why it's such a diverse and flexible system today. Have any ideas or feedback? We're happy to hear from you. You might even have a feature named after you one day (see 'The E-Man Rule').

This is your livelihood

What if change was no longer a dirty word?

When you team up with us, you'll have our complete and individual attention to get you up and running so there is minimal interruption to your workflow. We will find the perfect solution for your needs with flexible and open collaboration - from identifying your needs to smoothly implementing them with the amount of training that is right for you.

This is your community

Want to join a global community of awesome people making great radio?

MusicMaster is used by thousands of stations worldwide, spanning nearly fifty countries connected by our global suppport and sales networks. That means Support is never more than a quick phone call away, no matter where you live.

These are your terms

Our flexibility goes beyond the software.

MusicMaster comes in different shapes and sizes. Pricing and conditions are tailored to your business needs, and software is offered on a subscription or buy-out basis. We do not insist on long term contracts, unless that is what you prefer. Stay with us as long as you are satisfied.