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La experiencia de visualización de la página web de MusicMaster, así como la web como un todo, sería mejor si actualiza su navegador.

Good news! MusicMaster Version 7 is coming soon. You can look forward to even more customization options, full unicode support, new clock tools, and tons of other features from our users' wish lists!

One of the additions we are most excited about is Virtual Search Depth. We noticed that some users were making MusicMaster work harder when scheduling logs than it needed to. If they had a lot of songs with a lot of Unbreakable Rules, they set a really high Search Depth so the Scheduler would dig deep enough to find songs that worked for those hard-to-fill positions. However, some positions are easier to schedule than others! With a one-depth-fits-all approach, the Scheduler actually has to dig deeper than it needs to when filling easy positions too. This can take a lot of time and slow down your scheduling process overall.

Virtual Search Depth solves this problem by allowing you to indicate how many passing songs the Scheduler should find before moving on to the next steps (such as testing Optimum Goals). This dynamic approach means easy-to-fill positions will be scheduled faster, thus reducing your overall scheduling time.

Otras características de la Versión 7 incluyen:

  • Create Custom Database Fields: As was introduced in MusicMaster CS, Pro Version 7 users can now create their own database fields. Previously, these fields could only be created for users by request.

  • Virtual Show Editor: Building Virtual Shows by selecting a list of songs and adding them all to a single song card.

  • Find Similar: A new option for Library Queries finds songs with similar attributes as any one you have selected.

  • Quick Entry Mode: Save time when editing your Format Clocks by typing simple elements directly into the grid.

  • Clock Display Adjustments: New display adjustments to the clock editor screen, including show/hide elements (similar to schedule editor). For example, you can look at the music for the hour and hide the lognotes.

  • Copying with Properties: Now you can copy elements with all the properties they contain, such as filters and properties selected in the sub-tabs.

  • Save As New Clock: This much-requested feature enables you to open an existing clock, make a few changes, and save it as a new clock.

  • Show Type Element: Users who schedule in blocks (shows) can now create a show marker in the Clock. Any elements that go into the space between markers will be considered a show. You can view, copy, print and export shows as individual units.

  • Schedule Calendar: The calendar in the Schedule Editor now adds more detailed and accurate indicators for which days have been exported, reconciled, and so on. Information can be seen down to the hour level.

  • Audio Player: New shortcut key options are now available for the Audio Player. Also includes updates with support for extended file types (VBR, M4A, etc.)

  • Clone Hours: Now you can pick which elements you want to include when cloning part of a log (e.g. non-music vs. music).

  • Automatic History Snapshot: Set your History Snapshots to be taken automatically after certain events, such as at the end of automatic scheduling, reconciliation, etc. You can also create a printed report to show the changes that were made.

  • User Interface: Now, the modern user themes and extended customization options that were introduced in MusicMaster CS are available in our Pro edition!

  • Language/Character Support: We added full Unicode Support for foreign characters to all interface elements, such as forms, menus, tool tips, etc.

  • Custom User Buttons: Added more options to user-defined hotkeys and created a new Toolbar for convenient access.

  • Social Media Integration: Select a song or group of songs, write a message, and post straight to your station's Facebook or Twitter feed!

  • MusicMaster Newsfeed: We've integrated the MusicMaster newsfeed into the software so you have the option to access new tips, updates and learning resources.

MusicMaster subscribers will be able to look for the Version 7 update by going to the Help menu and selecting Check For Update. If you have bought an older edition of MusicMaster, please contact us to learn more about upgrading.

Si usted no usa MusicMaster, pero le gustara aprender más: Explorar Funciones Principales or Contact Sales.