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MusicMaster is the world's most flexible and intuitive music scheduling system, used by broadcasters of all kinds to create the most competitive mix of entertainment.

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MusicMaster is Everywhere
It's the most flexible system for any user, format, or platform
MusicMaster is found everywhere, from Austria to Zanesville, Top 40 to Classical, student stations to leading networks. Our clients include web streams, terrestrial and satellite radio, in-store audio, music television, syndicated networks, national broadcast groups, and more.

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Most Intuitive System
You'll get a better product for your listeners in a fraction of the time
MusicMaster's highly scalable design and intuitive user interface are the cornerstones of its success. Because it is designed in full collaboration with our clients, it "thinks" more like you do, making it easier than ever to get your ideas on the air.

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Open Integration
You can seamlessly connect with all your other systems
MusicMaster easily interfaces with your other systems, such as automation, traffic, research, and media libraries. What's more, many automation systems around the world have developed an enhanced real-time interface with MusicMaster that adds even more powerful functionality.

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"Until I started using MusicMaster, my music scheduling software was just a utility. Now I see it as a weapon that helps our radio stations win. "

Steve Jones - VP/Brands and Content, Stingray

Ahead of the Curve
For nearly 40 years, we've been advancing the art and science of music scheduling.
MusicMaster is so versatile, you can do anything from edit a log in the palm of your hand to oversee a centralized network. With our unique flexibility and leading development, no matter what you need, MusicMaster is the right choice for you.

Superior Support and Training
When you switch to MusicMaster,
you get us too
From the start, we'll set you up for success with a custom implementation and training program with minimal interruption to your workflow. From then on, our dedicated support team is available for questions and advice (we also take requests!). Learn even more with on-site training, free regional workshops, video tutorials and online resources.

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