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Unique Keyword Separation Values posted on January 18th, 2016

By Paul Ziino

We all know that rules are set up in the MusicMaster Rule Tree. But did you know that you can set a unique separation value for specific keywords? This applies to any tested keyword field—Artist Keywords, Title Keywords, Composer Keywords, Album Keywords, and so on.

First, go into the Rule Tree and activate your Keyword Time Separation rule for the appropriate keyword field.

Unique Keyword Separation Values1

The setting established here is your default or Auto setting. All keywords with their separation values set to Auto will abide by this setting.

Now go to Dataset/Library/Keywords. In the screen that comes up, use the dropdown to select which keyword field you wish to edit. Have that one artist that you need to slow down when compared to all the others in the database? Find that keyword in the list, uncheck the Auto setting and set it for something higher. Have an artist you wish to allow more frequently than the others? Find that keyword, uncheck Auto and set it for something lower.

Unique Keyword Separation Values2

A lot of stations will use the Auto setting in the rule tree as the general rule, but core artists or current artists will get lower unique values in the Keyword Maintenance editor. Others will use higher unique values to prevent the one-hit wonders from playing more often than desired. And the smart programmer will use a combination of both.

Happy Scheduling!