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Genius Day

Become a certified MusicMaster Genius

What is Genius Day?

Each year, MusicMaster and our international partner ON AIR host regional MusicMaster workshops throughout the US and Europe. These "Genius Days" are a valuable opportunity for our clients to learn tools that solve their current programming challenges and save time in their work day. It's also a great opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. Our public Genius Days are free and open to everyone! You may also request a private Genius Day for your organization by contacting your support rep.

To learn more about the Genius Day experience, hear from our clients in the following video: Watch Video

Upcoming Genius Days

United States:


Contact ON AIR ( for information on upcoming events, or visit their website.

Sample topics:

  • Connecting MusicMaster to your other systems
  • The least used and most time-saving feature in Library Maintenance
  • Our ‘MusicMaster Genius Clock editing secrets’
  • The Swiss Army Knife of Rules, and how to master it
  • How to look at Turnover a completely different way
  • The one tool that lets you diagnose issues in any database
  • Winning between the records with Special Sets
  • Scheduling the best song every time with Optimum Goals
  • Three scheduling goals designed to crush your competition

Meet the Geniuses Behind the Geniuses

President and CEO of MusicMaster, Joe Knapp and General Manager of ON AIR Rainer Eichhorn began hosting training seminars back in the 1980s, when the program was first being used in the industry. Decades later, the popular seminars became known as 'Genius Days' and the name stuck as the tradition continued. According to Knapp:

"MusicMaster Genius Day workshops are a great learning opportunity, not just for our customers, but also for ourselves. They're also a bit like snowflakes, as no two are ever exactly alike. We go into these workshops with a very basic outline and allow the customers to drive the agenda. They tell us why they came and what they're looking to learn more about. Sometimes they challenge us with new situations we hadn't encountered before. Together, we search for a suitable temporary way to work around the problem, then take the issue back to the engineers who come up with a permanent solution. They have been the primary source of creative enhancement ideas for us for several years."