MusicMaster Scheduling
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1. Adding elements to a Format Clock
2. Adding songs to the library
3. Adjusting the Predicted Rotation Map
4. Auto-Platooning
5. Automated Tasks
6. Backing up your database
7. Category Quick-Move
8. Changing history report settings
9. Configure a history report
10. Configuring the Schedule Editor View
11. Controlling song usage with Dayparting
12. Create Queries to find music
13. Creating Custom Buttons
14. Creating a new Format Clock
15. Creating a new Format Clock Assignment Grid
16. Creating a printed log design
17. Creating new music categories
18. Creating song attribute codes
19. Customizing the MusicMaster screen
20. Database Field Overrides
21. Deleting elements in the Log
22. Deleting existing rules
23. Deleting songs from the library
24. Editing Lognote text
25. Exporting logs to your automation system
26. Filtering the Rule Tree
27. Hiding Elements in the Editor
28. History Linking
29. How to Add a Breakable Rule folder
30. How to Analyze your Library
31. How to Configure Scheduling properties
32. How to Configure the Replacement Window
33. How to Copy Clocks from one database to another
34. How to Copy and Paste elements to a different hour or day
35. How to Copy and Paste rules
36. How to Copy-Paste to and from MusicMaster
37. How to Create a Rule Group
38. How to Fix Keywords
39. How to Jump to the next failure in the Log
40. How to Mark music
41. How to Mass Change Clock Elements
42. How to Reconcile logs from your automation system
43. How to Rotate Assignment Grids
44. How to Shuffle a Category
45. How to Unschedule a log
46. How to View Song History
47. How to create a BMI/ASCAP report
48. How to create a Format List
49. How to create a Most Frequently Played
50. How to create a SOCAN report
51. How to create a Saved List
52. How to create printed library reports
53. How to move songs automatically using AutoMove
54. How to packet music
55. How to print logs
56. How to set the Category Order Management--Dynamic Rest vs. Card File
57. How to set up AutoBurn
58. How to set up Canadian Content
59. How to set up Custom Time Periods
60. How to set up Default Replacement Song options
61. How to set up Gold Recycling
62. How to set up MusicMaster to play audio
63. How to set up NoRepeat
64. How to set up Optimum Goal Scheduling
65. How to set up Virtual Breaks
66. How to set up a Favorite History Report
67. How to set up a Song List
68. How to set up the Chart Editor
69. How to set up the Shift Editor
70. How to set your Broadcast Week
71. How to use Check the Log
72. How to use Format Clock Filters
73. How to use Highlighting
74. How to use Hour/Day Analysis
75. How to use Text search
76. How to use the Format Scheduler
77. How to use the Keyword Separation Wizard
78. How to use the Rule Wizard
79. How to use the Scheduler Recap Report
80. How to use the Turnover Calculator
81. How to use the Vicinity Viewer
82. Insert and Clone Clock Elements
83. Inserting elements in the Log
84. Jumping to a specific hour in the Log
85. Library quick print functions
86. Loading and Saving Editor Views
87. Loading and Saving your Library views
88. Moving songs to a different category
89. Overview of Canadian Settings
90. Password-protect your database
91. Printing the Rule Tree
92. Replacing a scheduled song
93. Restoring your database
94. Rule Tree Properties - All Categories Bypass
95. Rule Tree Properties - Rule Folder Merging
96. Scheduling Hook Promos
97. Setting up Database Identification
98. Setting up Format Clock Views
99. Setting up Library View
100. Sorting a list of music
101. Swapping elements in the Log
102. Testing a different Assignment Grid
103. Turning on new rules
104. Using AutoComplete
105. Using Turnover Analysis
106. Using the Automatic Scheduler
107. View the Song Card
108. Viewing Category usage
109. Viewing the rules applied to a Category
110. Viewing the test results window

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