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Using the MusicMaster Website posted on June 17th, 2013

By Marianne Burkett

For new and veteran users, the MusicMaster website is constantly evolving and offers a lot of easy-to-access information.

  1. Training Videos and Webinars
  2. Blog Articles
  3. Monthly Newsletters
  4. Company News
  5. Videos on the front page
  6. Program installation files

Under the Home option on the main page, you’ll find Blog articles (clearly you found that already!) as well as our Monthly Newsletter and MusicMaster news.  If you’re not getting the Monthly Newsletter, use the option at the bottom of any screen to subscribe.

If you’re new to MusicMaster or just need a refresher, the website “Training” then “Walkthroughs” link is a great place to begin!  It’s available to everyone interested in learning about the software.


Walkthroughs are short videos designed to give you a quick overview of a single subject, like how to add a song.  You’ll also find longer-form webinars that go into greater detail under the “Training” option.

A lot of my clients will call me about installations.  Can I send them a link to the installer?  Though it is nice to be needed, you can always grab the program installers without assistance.

When you first become a MusicMaster user, we do send out an install disc to accompany the USB license key which allows the software to open – and the disc is nice to keep around for the first few installs so you can just walk it to multiple workstations and install.  With that being said, we improve the software constantly and there is usually a newer “Service Release” available through Help/Check for Update or you can find the latest installer through our website.   How do you get the installer from the website?   If you’ve given us your email address,  you’re already registered and just may not know it.  Your email will be your “user name” when logging in.  So, what is your password?  That’s up to you… the first thing you should do is just click on Contact Support, then Retrieve password… from there click on “Forgot your password? Click Here”.  We will send a temporary password to the email address you type in.  Be sure it matches the email we have on record for you!  If you get any message indicating your e-mail can’t be found, you can use the option “I am unable to retrieve my password and need access to the support center”.  You’ll be asked to fill out a short form so we know who you are.  We’ll then send you a temporary password so you can access the support center.

Now you can enter the world of Support on the website.  If I am your Music Scheduling Consultant you will see me.  If I am not your assigned rep, you will see someone else.  Look to the left hand side of the screen and you’ll see the various options available.  You can Live Chat one of the Music Scheduling Consultants to assist you,  review your open cases with support or submit a new one as well as Download the software (you’ll find the latest installer for whichever version of MusicMaster you use, even if it’s our old DOS version!).  All of our installers are here, along with additional information about the different versions.  Go to My Account and Change your password so you will always remember it.

Here is a screen shot of the password protected Support section:

mmwebsite_image2The center of the Home page has quick links along with Notices about the software.

If you have any questions, or need assistance with anything regarding MusicMaster – contact your Music Scheduling Consultant.