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Prom 1959 posted on March 13th, 2009

We’re excited to bring you a new blog feature, a flashback to the past and your high school prom! Whether you sported the ultra-shiny pastel prom garb of the eighties or your prom queen balanced her tiara atop a fifties beehive, we’ll do our best to provide the soundtrack to your prom memories.

Today, we’re taking you back to 1959. The gymnasium is decked out with blue and green streamers and white balloons bob underfoot. Cut-outs of glitter-coated fish hang from the ceiling – the theme of the night, after all, is “Sea of Love”. There’s not a male head in the house that hasn’t been coated with half a jar of Brylcreem. The girls are lovely in satin dresses with full skirts, and have spent the better part of the day pinning and setting their hair to acheive that “natural wave.” The excitement in the air is electric – this bash is sure to be a blast. A juke in the corner is stacked up with the playlist of the evening, a mix of dance-worthy rock ‘n roll and the all-important slow dance ballads. Tonight’s young lovers may have a chance to sneak a kiss while the chaperones are busy refilling the punch bowl.

Our music for the evening begins with the prom’s theme, “Sea of Love” by Phil Phillips. Couples pair up, wall-flowers hit their posts. But when “La Bamba” begins to play, the tight formations come apart into a sea of hep teens swaying and jiving American Bandstand style. Now we’re cookin’! So don’t be a party pooper. Put on your dancing shoes, grab your dream lover, and follow along on a musical journey through Prom Night 1959…

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