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Our Growing Family of Products posted on April 9th, 2014

You’ve come to trust and depend on the MusicMaster name for your scheduling needs. We know that there are many different programming needs out there and we are pleased to introduce a suite of products designed to meet those different needs:

mm_proMusicMaster Professional Edition is the new name for our flagship product, MusicMaster for Windows. This is the product broadcasters around the world have relied on to schedule their music. We’ve only changed the name and added the Pro designation to our logo. Everything else about the product is the same. If you program multiple radio stations, MusicMaster Pro will continue to give you the full complement of programming tools you need to make your radio stations sound great.

mm_ltMusicMaster Limited Edition is our new product designed for non-commercial or small commercial broadcasters who want the main programming tools of MusicMaster Pro but who don’t need all the fancy scheduling tools and exports. You can use MusicMaster LT to manage one station’s library, clocks and scheduling needs. You’ll also be able to export to your automation system. For the budget-minded broadcaster, this version can be purchased for a one-time price.

mm_peMusicMaster Personal Edition is our other new product designed for the individual or hobbyist. If you know someone who tinkers at home with an Internet stream (perhaps even you?), recommend MusicMaster PE to them. We’ve even included a player with this package so someone can input their songs and be listening to it quickly. Of course the individual doesn’t need most of the scheduling tools broadcasters rely on, so by limiting those items, we’re able to offer MusicMaster PE at a very reasonable purchase price.