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Most Frequently Asked Questions: Changing clocks and making them “stick” posted on March 27th, 2017

By Marianne Burkett

You’ve made a new clock or adjusted an old clock, it is in your active assignment grid, and no matter what you do the new clock or changes are not showing up in your logs.  There are a few easy things to check before getting flustered.

1. Use the Unscheduler and be sure to put a check mark on the box in the Unscheduler that says “Remove all elements and clock templates”.

It sounds a bit scary but it is not.  For instance, if you’d previously  scheduled a day that you need your new changes to take effect in and DID NOT have that box checked when you unschedule that day, all the old clocks remain in place.  Honestly, the ONLY reason you should NOT have that box checked, is if you want to unschedule a specific category or categories without un-doing everything.

If for some reason it is STILL not resetting the clocks, you should head directly to Dataset/Clocks/Format Scheduler and make sure you don’t have any “Forced Clocks” scheduled.

If you have scheduled some clocks using the format scheduler and the day is indicated in Yellow, no amount of unscheduling will change the clocks on those days until you remove all forced clocks.  To remove the forced clocks, just right click on the yellow day and “remove all forced clocks” then Save your work and exit.

Here’s a mini-tutorial on the Format Scheduler.

The Format Scheduler is a place you can either manually schedule a specific clock on a day (like a midday clock in morning drive on a holiday Monday) or manually schedule an assignment grid without having to activate the assignment grid.  On the calendar side, you can right click on any day in the grid and remove any forced clocks, assign a clock or an entire grid to the date or the week.  On the right hand side you’ll see a list of clocks for the day your cursor is on in the calendar.   The right hand side is where you’d select a different clock for a specific hour – without changing anything else, and it would be just for that day!   If you’ve assigned any grids or clocks, the calendar date you’ve selected will turn yellow.  All the white dates are your regular active assignment grids.  Any previously scheduled days will be indicated in Red in the calendar.

I love the Format Scheduler almost as much as I love my morning tea and could not imagine a Christmas season without using it extensively to manage the Christmas music progression leading up to Christmas Day and the automatic change back to normal on December 26th.