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To Tag or Not To Tag? posted on July 3rd, 2017

By Jesus Rodriguez

Recently I took a three hour road trip to a music festival and being the radio nerd that I am I took this opportunity to scan the dial and even some radio apps. I am around music 24/7 (at least it feels like it). I get away from it by listening to talk radio, specifically comedy channels. I love providing enjoyment to people in the next lane seeing me drive alone in my car looking like a crazy guy laughing about absolutely nothing in their eyes.

What I may say to some may seem like blasphemy and to others may make sense. If tagging music (have a recorded intro or backsell) is your thing then cool more power to you. It is super easy to do within MusicMaster. This blog is not about how to tag songs but if that is what you are looking for you may want to stop reading, click below, and enjoy yourself before I burst your bubble.

Song Tags 101

If you decided to keep reading and you are a fan of tagging music, you may want to take a seat first. Disclaimer, the station I am criticizing is that of a non-MusicMaster client.

Years ago before RSS Feed in cars, radio in car applications, and even before smart phones, I also was a tagger. I thought we were geniuses to be able to tell the listener quickly what was the song they just heard. It made perfect sense especially for new songs. Let’s be honest no one wants the on air personality opening the microphone to back or front sell every song. SO MUCH CLUTTER!

Well I found myself listening to this particular channel and they tagged every single bit. I get it. I may want to know who that was and maybe download the CD or TV special. However, unlike a music channel where songs can last a few minutes the bits ranged from about 60 seconds or less. That means there was a tag every 60 seconds or sooner. Now from a listener perspective what if your jock opened the mic every 60 seconds or less would you be ok with that? Ugh, NO!

How are your listeners going to know what new song or bit that was? Friends, look around you as I did on my drive. I thought to myself is all that clutter really necessary as I am staring at my cars panel which clearly tells me what song, artist, or in this case comedian that was just now? I bet your station has an app and I bet there is a most recently played tab. A P1 listener will find what they need but me the guy taking a drive enjoying your station punched out because of all the clutter. Instead of all those tags the station could have easily added up to five more bits in that hour. Maybe sticking to the less is more mentality would help them.

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