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Don’t Duplicate Your Cart Numbers posted on April 2nd, 2018

By Jerry Butler

Programmers will often move an outdated liner or song out of rotation to a resting or hold category, but leave it in the database.  Later they use that number again even though the original audio element is still in the database.  Using the same automation number for multiple audio elements can cause issues including the wrong song airing or your history not showing up correctly for what you believe you had scheduled.  When this happens, the first thing I check is to make sure there are not multiple items in the database with the same automation number.   This is where the issue often begins.  To help make sure you don’t run into this issue in MusicMaster, you can tell MusicMaster that you want the automation number field to be a unique value.

Click on dataset, library and fields to access your database field editor.  Scroll down to your automation field, select and then double click the unique value field on the right to toggle between no and yes.  If you want the field to be unique, select yes for the field and click OK to save.  It’s that simple.  Now MusicMaster won’t allow you to enter a number that is already in your system.

(You also want to make sure you are not giving multiple items in your automation the same number unless they are a rotator cart in your automation system.)

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