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An Idea for Scheduling Imaging posted on October 19th, 2020

An Idea for Scheduling Imaging

By Paul Ziino

I just spoke with a customer who wanted to run promos/imagers on his rock station that list band names and snippets of their songs, but he wants to keep those items from playing too close to any song by the mentioned bands.

He’d been puzzling over how to do this with a special set, but those clock elements are based on matches.  He wants to only schedule songs that do NOT match the imager’s mentioned bands.

He thought about using coding, but he couldn’t quite come up with a way to say “make sure this band’s song doesn’t play next to that band’s imaging.”

What was the solution? Artist Keyword Time Separation!

That’s right. I told Mr. Customer all he needs to do is add the Artist Keyword Time Separation rule directly into that imaging category. Set it at eight minutes and check the box to ignore individual keyword settings. This way, no matter the artist keyword, the imager must stay away from any song scheduled by that artist by at least eight minutes.

He was quite pleased with how simple this was and how quickly he could set this up. All he needs to do is add the appropriate artist keywords to the imagers that list those artists and he’s done!

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