MusicMaster Scheduling
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Core Features

Where Technology Meets Art

  • The Library

    Your Library

    What you need, where you need it

    "Tell Me What You Want (What you really, really want)"
    There are so many ways to define, sort and search your music in MusicMaster, what you need to find is never more than a few clicks away. Use the search bar to quickly bring up any artist or title. Filter your library by any field that contains data and get as narrow as you’d like. Or, set up layers of search criteria in a Custom Query and save it for future use. If you want to create a brand new Custom Database Field to fit your unique needs, we’ll build it for you! With MusicMaster, there’s no need to compromise your format or creativity to fit into a one-size-fits-all system.

    "Move it on Over"
    If you make weekly music changes between hot, current and recurrent categories, you’ll love MusicMaster’s Category Quick Move feature. It allows you to make music moves for up to eight categories on a single screen with easy drag and drop capabilities. You can easily keep track of the changes you’ve made with the plus/minus counter at the bottom of each category, allowing you to preserve your original counts and spins. Once you’re satisfied, save your work to apply the changes to your categories. Later on, you can use Move History to see how individual songs have traveled between your categories. It’s really that simple!

    "Give a Little, Get A Little"
    Variety is the spice of life, and MusicMaster’s AutoPlatoon feature helps you add variety to your station with ease. Let’s say you want to switch songs out of your current categories before they burn out, while at the same time introducing the same number of resting songs back into the mix to take their place. With Auto-Platooning, this process becomes automatic. Schedule your moves to occur after a certain date or number of category spins. You can filter the process to include only certain songs, or let MusicMaster find the most rested songs.

    Other features we’d love to tell you about:

    • Intuitive Controls: Drag-and-drop, Excel® Import/Export via copy/paste
    • Library Analysis: Helps you do the math.
    • More than Music: Schedule liners, pop-ups, voice tracks, even graphics for TV
    • Audio Playback: Code attributes by ear. Listen to songs or segues as you go.
    • Saved Song Lists: Easily create and edit your special programming and countdowns.
    "I love the library search functions to find what I'm looking for quickly. I always get a perfect overview of the histories of songs and artists, and I can listen to the songs I'm scheduling directly in MusicMaster."
    Zvonimir "Cicak" Škrobo Music Director - Antena Zagreb & Totalni FM - Croatia
    "Having only used (a competitive product), we were really concerned about the work load when starting from scratch with our 1,500 song library. But we couldn't believe how easy it was to import our entire library, categorize it, and get scheduling right away with MusicMaster, especially due to the fantastic support."
    Tyler Russell Program Director, KXRN, Laguna Beach, CA

    If you could design any library field you wanted, what would it be?

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  • Format Clocks

    Format Clocks

    Visualize and Control Your Flow

    "All I Want For Christmas..."
    You’ve got enough to think about during the holidays. With MusicMaster, you can plan your seasonal music well in advance. First, you can use the Clone Clocks feature to generate new clocks based on your existing clocks. The Mass Changer will allow you to quickly find and replace normal music categories with seasonal music categories. Then, you can use the Format Scheduler to assign these Holiday Clocks to specific future hours, days and weeks you’d like them to play.

    Tip: The Format Scheduler can help you in other ways too, allowing you to get creative and assign unique clocks to specific hours, unique grids to a day or week, or even rotate multiple grids throughout the month for additional variety.

    "Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House"
    Using MusicMaster’s Special Sets, you can easily program two (or more) back-to-back clock positions that match based on any designated field. This is a simple way to automatically insert things like Rock Blocks and 2Fers into your days or weeks. You can even pair your music with artist-specific imaging or song tags.

    "I Want It That Way"
    Clock Filters give you even more control over the mix. Say you’re playing a Category A song at the top of the hour, but want it to be a female. Simply add a filter to that particular clock slot, select for the female gender code, and MusicMaster will favor females when scheduling that position. You can take even more control with Session Filters, which will only be applied when you turn them on before each Scheduling Session. That way you can favor Motown songs on “Motown Mondays” but keep the same clock unfiltered for the rest of the week.

    Other features we’d love to tell you about:

    • Intuitive Control: find-and-replace, drag-and-drop, or swap and clone with your mouse
    • Migrating Positions: allows you to schedule predictable unpredictability within the parameters that are important to you
    • Timing Elements: Control hour or segment times by favoring songs by length
    • Combo & Proportional Elements: prioritize different categories within a single clock position
    • Traffic Merge Element: import commercials into MusicMaster to better time your music
    • Format Lists: Control your music category flow with fewer clocks by creating a category order not bound by any time limit
    "I've worked with other music scheduling systems in the past, and none of them compare with MusicMaster when it comes to clocks. It's so easy to click and drag, add and subtract elements and songs. If I have an idea for a new clock, I can easily have it rebuilt and on the air in minutes."
    John Paul General Manager, The Wave Radio, Longview, WA
    "In my 20 years in radio I've used all kinds of music scheduling systems (yes, including the file box full of index cards!), none of them has afforded me the control over exactly how I needed the stations I program to sound better than MusicMaster does."
    Al Skop Director, Music Programming, SiriusXM Radio

    How do you want your listener to experience your music?

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  • Rule Tree

    The Rule Tree

    Solid Control, Fluid Possibilies

    "Happy Together"
    If you want the overall tempo of the station to be slightly higher during the evening hours, you can use MusicMaster’s Rule Groups with a Daypart Code to make this happen. It’s almost like having a rule tree within a rule tree – you can sound like a completely different format without having to change your 24/7 rules. That means this combination gives you absolute control of scheduling within any combination of hours and days, and these regions can even overlap if necessary. It's perfect for setting up custom rules for special weekend programming too!

    "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"
    Other music scheduling systems play the first song in the stack that passes all the rules. But, what if the next song would have been better? What if it has better artist separation, or a better rotation pattern? MusicMaster's Optimum Goal Scheduling acts as a tie-breaker to look at ALL the songs that pass the rules and select only the best one of the bunch, and it does this automatically for every position throughout the day!

    "Let It Be"
    It's not artificial intelligence, but you'll still appreciate how you can make MusicMaster think more like you do. Everybody has that threshold where you say, "I can't have anything less than this, but I sure would like to get that." With Scaleable Rules™, you can add the same rule as many times as you want with different settings. That means if you can't have anything less than five hours of minimum rest, you can make that an unbreakable rule. If what you'd really want is seven hours though, you can add the rule again with that setting and make it a breakable rule. Now, MusicMaster will never give you anything less than five but will shoot for that seven. Like we said, not artificial intelligence, but still very nice!

    Other features we’d love to tell you about:

    • Rule Filters allow you to drill down and see your settings in each category for any specific rule.
    • The Rule Wizard analyzes all your rules and tells you exactly where you can make adjustments for optimal rest and rotation.
    • Effortless Control: Drag, drop, daypart, scale, group, weigh and turn rules on and off over time.
    "What I like most about this system is the rule tree. It is so intuitive and flexible in its application. It simply seems limitless in its capabilities and very quick to apply. I love how I can come up with an idea on how to modify a rule and apply it on the fly and see the results within seconds."
    Terry Voth General Manager of Rogers Communications, Program Director of CJRX-FM - Lethbridge, AB
    "MusicMaster rocks! It is our system of choice at Newcap stations across Canada. I love the Optimum Goal Scheduling. It gives our stations the ability to really push the system hard to give us the best possible log, not just one that meets basic rules. Until I started using MusicMaster, my music scheduling software was just a utility. Now, I see it as a weapon that helps our radio stations win."
    Steve Jones Vice President/Programming - Newcap Radio

    What are your scheduling goals?

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  • Turnover Analysis

    Turnover Analysis

    Get Ahead of the Game

    "Turn, Turn, Turn"
    As a scheduling artist you have an instinct for creating perfect rotations. That doesn't mean you have to do all the math in your head. Take advantage of our Minimum Rest Recommendations to calculate the ideal Minimum Rest for songs in a particular category. Or, find out why your categories are rotating the way they are and make adjustments in the Turnover Calculator until you get the result you want - all without having to touch the database.

    "We Can Work It Out"
    Say you want to keep Rap songs at least 20 minutes apart. How can you be sure that your library will support this? Don't just 'shoot first and ask questions later.' Use Coding Analysis to see exactly how separation you can expect for any of your song attributes, based on your current library coding and turnover rates.

    "Burn Baby Burn"
    Consider this: you want your currents to play in a perfect stair-step pattern throughout the week without any variation at all. The hours that contain special programming don't include your current categories, and this throws a kink in the rotation pattern of these songs. In some of your current categories, the math just doesn't work out, so the songs are forced to play in the same hours day after day. MusicMaster's Auto-Burn Spreadsheet comes to the rescue with tools that allow you to visualize the exact rotation pattern of all your currents, and adjust for any discrepancies caused by special programming or mathematics. It's almost magical!

    Other features we’d love to tell you about:

    • Format Clock Category Usage tells you exactly how many calls for each category appear in your clocks.
    • Exposure Analysis: Hour and Quarter Hour Exposure Percentages let you see if you are maximizing exposure for any given hour in the week.
    • Auto-Burn allows you to jump over songs or multiples of songs in any given hour. Helps you plot perfect rotations by adjusting your category turnover.
    "MusicMaster is packed with plenty of analytical punch. Turnover Analysis has been a huge time saver for me. In the past year I've revamped two stations' databases. The simple to use and easy to follow tools made it so easy to clean up faulty rotations. When launching a new format last month the turnover tools helped me create near perfect balance in my rotation with only a couple of trials. In the past, it would have taken me days of trial and error to have such results. MusicMaster has given me so much more control than I had been accustomed to on other software. Oh yeah, and my MSC Paul is amazing."
    T.J. Holland Operations Manager, Columbus Radio Group - Columbus, OH
    "One of my favorite MusicMaster features is the Turnover Calculator in Turnover Analysis; it's a terrific way to work out rotations based on several criteria. It's quick and easy and makes a critical aspect of scheduling much easier to work on at the beginning of the clock process."
    John Olsen National Program Director, Summit Media Corporation - Birmingham, AL

    How will you control your rotation destiny?

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  • Schedule Editor

    Schedule Editor

    Fine-Tune Your Flow

    "This is the Best Day Ever"
    MusicMaster's Schedule Editor tools allow you to easily change songs, swap songs, and move songs within the same category or other categories. Narrow down your choice for replacement songs and see at a glance how they stand against your breakable and unbreakable rules. An added bonus: songs you've manually replaced or removed from the log don’t lose the chance to get played. MusicMaster's Schedule Editor allows you to see these orphaned songs so you can try to find another place to use them later in the same hour or day.

    "Show Your Motion"
    MusicMaster's Instant Analysis let's you see what coding is used in an hour, day, or other user-defined timeframe. It ensures you don’t play too little or too much of a certain genre of music every hour. It also allows you to create a balance and makes sure your station doesn’t vary too much from hour to hour. It can even show you exactly how a replacement song you are considering will affect the mix for the rest of the hour.

    "Don't Look Back in Anger"
    Let’s say you don’t want to play the same song or artists in the same hours two days in a row. You can use MusicMaster's History Graph to see whether this might happen for every song you manually schedule or replace. You can look at play histories for Songs, Artists, Packets, etc.. or a combination of those!

    Other features we’d love to tell you about:

    • Manual Assist lets you interact with MusicMaster while it's building the log in order to solve Unscheduled Positions as they come.
    • Advanced Audio Features allow you to listen to your logs or just your segues.
    • Schedule Highlights allow you to color-code certain elements so in one glance you can see how they're spread throughout the log.
    • Custom Layouts can be saved for every user, tailored to the way they edit best!
    • Clone Hours: If you need to re-air a show, you can easily copy any set of hours from one day to the next.
    • Results Bar lets you look forward and backward in time to quickly find the other plays of a particular song or artist.
    "In DOS schedulers, we were forced to deal with 28 to 32 unscheduled positions each day, and we had a need to spend as much as an hour massaging the log… all this after six years of tweaking the rules and categories and coding. With MusicMaster, we got two unscheduled songs a day, in specialty shows, and have a near air-quality log with no editing!"
    David Gleason Former Executive Vice President, Univision Radio - Los Angeles, CA
    "MusicMaster is the first music scheduling software platform I've given my complete trust to. Rules, Rotations, Separations, flow, texture... all the important boundaries we put on our music library and ask MusicMaster to do, it does. When you think of creating the perfect music log, no matter the size of your library, whether your library is 2500 songs or 100 songs, MusicMaster can take the audio-perception you have for your station in your head and create nearly perfect logs, day after day."
    Tom Gjerdrum Operations Manager, Backyard Broadcasting - South Dakota

    What will you do with all the time you save?

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  • History Reports

    History Reports

    Double-Check the Results

    Want to know if you are playing a song too much or too little? You can simply run a History Report to show you exactly when a song has been scheduled over any time period. It even shows you which songs have NOT played over any given time period – which is important too!

    "Ever Present Past"
    The boss wants to know if you've been playing more Hip-Hop lately. MusicMaster's History Analysis can show you airplay trends based on any song, artist, or attribute over any time period. It can also show you exactly when a particular artist had the most songs playing on your station, even over the past year!

    "Tax Man"
    Raise your hand if you like to do reports. That's what we thought, not very many hands went up. That's why we've taken the work out of Mandated Special History Reports. We understand you have to file reports, sometimes to governmental agencies with very particular standards. We work with them so the report is in the format they need. That means all you have to do is fill in some options (which are saved) and run the report. It's about as painless as we can make it. You'll wish every report you had to do was this easy.

    Other features we’d love to tell you about:

    • Library Analysis Reports: including pre-built ones to get you started.
    • Graphic representations of each report for easy comparisons.
    • Saved Lists can store a good day's music for future reference.
    "I was impressed with the fact that the database is a standardized architecture, rather than a proprietary system making it much easier to deploy on our network. I love the fact that the history grid shows you not only what hour a song or element played, but which quarter hour it played in. The ability to cut and paste data back and forth between a spreadsheet and MusicMaster saves a huge amount of time as well."
    Mark Pooley Former Music Diretor, 92.5 JACK-FM - Toronto, Canada
    "What we get with MusicMaster is phenomenal flexibility with our tempo/type selection and a history breakdown second to none. I am a firm believer that it's what you DO play that hurts you, not what you don't play."
    JJ Holiday Program Director, KCLD-FM - St. Cloud, MN

    What would you like to know about your station's performance?

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  • Wizards


    Leave the computing to the computer

    "Gotta Keep 'Em Separated"
    You have an instinct for how “the math” affects your rotation and balance. Still, you shouldn't have to redo the math every time you add or remove songs from your categories or set up your separation rules. That’s why we’ve given you the Keyword Separation Wizard. This feature, unique to MusicMaster, displays the ideal separation for any selected keyword based on how you’ve set up your clocks. With one click, you can apply any or all of the recommended values. Go ahead, get creative with your library and let us crunch the numbers!

    "That Golden Rule"
    We're pretty sure figuring out what rules you need isn't on your favorite things list. Fortunately, your MusicMaster Rule Wizard will calculate the ideal rules for you, taking into account all variables so you can get the most out of your database. The Wizard will review rules including minimum rest, separations and even your coding. When it's done, the Wizard will tell you what it thinks needs to be changed. You may find out your rules are too easy or too hard. Either way, you'll get a new suggested value. If you want, you can pick all the suggestions and implement them or pick and choose what you want.

    "Let's Play Two"
    MusicMaster's Kickoff Category Wizard is a great way to build 2Fers based on any criteria. It'll help you build a special category that only contains artists that have enough material to meet your criteria. There's plenty of options to help you add variety to your 2Fers so you don't always end up with the same result. You can even tell MusicMaster to schedule your Kickoff Category first so that all your other songs will slip smoothly into place around it.

    "My favorite feature of MusicMaster has to be the Rule Tree Wizard which helps you find those things you may have "hurried" over when setting things up. I am a big fan of double checking and MusicMaster seems to do that for you... awesome feature. We chose MusicMaster because it plays with everyone. We can continue to use it no matter what software we run our "On Air" side with. It's just a versatile and easy to use program, well done."
    Steve Green Senior Producer/Music Programmer, CINC 105.5/NCI-FM - Winnipeg
    "One of my favorite features in MusicMaster is the Artist Separation Wizard. eD-FM has a huge variety of artists, some with only a couple of songs, some with lots of titles. It would be very difficult to set an artist separation that would allow a Genesis song every 4 hours but keep both Whitesnake songs from playing in the same day. Enter the Separation Wizard! Just run it and it checks your library, clocks and rules and automatically sets the optimum separation for each individual artist."
    Eddie Haskell Former Regional Format General/Country at Citadel Broadcasting, FM; Operations Manager for KRST/KDRF/KOBFM/KMGA

    How will you use Wizards to get ahead?

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