MusicMaster Scheduling
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Connectez vos systèmes

MusicMaster is the most openly connected system available, so you can rest assured it will work well with any of the systems you choose. Not only can it communicate through traditional file exchange, but our Nexus API delivers an enhanced interface with many of the world's top tier broadcast systems. We also take pride in developing partnerships with other companies to better support our mutual clients and develop new combined technologies.

Nexus Enhanced Integration

MusicMaster includes Nexus Enhanced Integration with all of the systems shown below (and the list keeps growing!). With these added features, you can seamlessly sync your music library across both systems, instantly publish music logs and updates, and stay on top of of airplay changes with real-time reconciliation. Some systems include an in-studio widget that accesses MusicMaster data, so your talent can make smarter selections when adding or replacing songs. Pour en savoir plus sur l'intégration de Nexus et sur ce que chacun de ces systèmes peut offrir, cliquez ici

Services connectés

We've also created custom interfaces that connect MusicMaster to the services you need. For example, if you use Live365 for your web stream, you can can broadcast directly from MusicMaster to your channel. Looking for music? With our built-in I Like Music Store, you can search for and download high-quality music tracks. Even better, songs are automatically added to your MusicMaster library with all the metadata filled in for you. Click the logos below to learn more about how to use each integration.

Intégration fichier

Même si votre système n'a pas encore profité de l'API Nexus, MusicMaster excelle toujours dans l'intégration de fichiers traditionnelle via l'exportation et l'importation de fichiers de données. Jetez un œil ci-dessous à certains des systèmes auxquels MusicMaster se connecte. Si vous utilisez un système qui ne figure pas sur la liste, vous pouvez savoir s'il peut être ajouté en nous contactant à