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Technical Specifications

MusicMaster Pro Specifications

System Information
Database MusicMaster Version 5 or later supports Microsoft® Access and Microsoft® SQL databases. When using SQL Server, you must provide your own SQL Server instance and licensing.
License MusicMaster 7.0.11 and later can use software licensing without any hardware requirements. Previous versions require a small USB security key to be attached to any computer where you want to use MusicMaster. There is no need to purchase separate licensing for each computer you want to use. In addition, our network license allows you to centrally locate your licenses on a single server. All licensing options require occasional connection to our license server via the Internet.
Interface With MusicMaster’s advanced interface system, you can connect to virtually any play-out, traffic, research or CMS system. We have live, real-time interfaces to several popular systems using the MusicMaster Nexus Server. Our flexible interface tools can be used to export logs and library data to an automation system, import commercials from traffic and billing, reconcile changes from your playout system back into MusicMaster, and much more. With the Nexus Server API, you can even create your own custom interfaces that interact with your MusicMaster data in real time.
  • Multi-User
  • Multiple databases - no additional licensing
  • Enterprise Multi-Station management
  • Multi-Tasking workspace
Client Requirements
Software Supported Operating Systems:
Windows® 10 or later
System components
  • Microsoft® Edge Webview
  • Microsoft® Script Control 1.0 or later
  • Microsoft® Data Access Components (MDAC) v2.6 or later
  • Microsoft® Jet 4.0 SP6 or later or the 32-bit Microsoft Access 2010 Database Engine
  • Processor: minimum Pentium 4, 2.8Ghz or equivalent
  • RAM: minimum 1GB
  • Hard Drive: Serial ATA (SATA) 7200rpm or faster or Solid State Drives(SSD)
  • Monitor: 1024x768 or higher
License When using a workstation USB dongle, one free USB port is required on each computer where you operate MusicMaster. When using a network license dongle, One free USB port is required on the license server machine. No USB port is required when using a software license. All licensing options require occassional Internet access.
Server Recommendations
Purpose A server is not required to operate MusicMaster Pro, but if you plan to have multiple users working in the same stations, it is recommended to store your MusicMaster databases on a shared server computer. MusicMaster Pro supports databases in Microsoft Access or SQL Server.
Access Database When sharing Access databases, we recommend that you place them on a shared file server that will operate 24/7 rather than on an individual user workstation. This makes it more likely the data will be available for all needed users as any maintenance or downtime can be managed more easily than coordinating that on individual workstations. We recommend a Microsoft Windows Server operating system, 2016 or later and sufficient hardware that meets the client requirements listed above, and also satisfies the requirements of the chosen operating system. We'd also recommend a fast wired network connection (1GB or faster) along with fast disk access speed (10K drives or SSD).
SQL Server If you plan to store your data in SQL Server, a dedicated server that satisfies Microsoft's recommended hardware and software requirements for SQL Server is recommended. We recommend the use of SQL Server version 2016 or later.
Nexus Server If you will be using the MusicMaster Nexus Server, we strongly recommend having your databases and the Nexus Server software on the same server computer. The minimum requirements here would be the same as for the MusicMaster Pro client software as indicated above. However, for a MusicMaster Nexus and database server, we would also strongly recommend that this machine have a fast network connection and fast storage, SSD if possible.