MusicMaster Scheduling
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Nexus Integration

Enhanced Real-Time Integration

Thanks to MusicMaster’s uniquely open architecture, Integration has never been easier. With our Nexus Server API, third-party software systems can have instant, real-time access to MusicMaster's database and scheduling intelligence. Though primarily used as an automation interface, the API can be used by any of your station’s systems, such as traffic and billing, research analysis or web and media services.

  • Find Your Systems

    Nexus Integrated Systems

    We’re here to enhance your connections, not overrule them. That’s why we’ve opened our system up and welcomed everyone in to take advantage of our Nexus API. In fact, we’ve already partnered with many of the top, most widely-used automation systems in the world. Chances are, you’ll find your system among them. If not - ask your automation provider if integration with MusicMaster and Nexus is part of their development plans.

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  • Available Features

    Available Features

    • Library Exchange: When you enter new music or update songs in either MusicMaster or your automation system, those changes are instantly reflected in the other system. This saves time, reduces error, and keeps your systems constantly updated and in perfect sync.

    • Smart Song Replacement: If your on-air talent wants to add or swap a song on the fly, they can search the MusicMaster library right from their automation interface. Even better, they’ll see which songs are ideal candidates based on your history and rules.

    • Instant Schedule Changes: Quickly respond to breaking artist news by updating your log on the fly. You can push any changes you make to the schedule directly to the automation system, even if the log is already airing.

    • Automatic Reconciliation: Any changes made to your scheduled log in the studio can be instantly reconciled back to MusicMaster, so you are always working with the most up-to-date airplay history.

  • Technical Information

    Technical Information

    Nexus works through an Application Programming Interface (API), a set of tools that define how two foreign software systems communicate. MusicMaster Partners use the API to define the specific commands and requests that can be made between their system and MusicMaster. These instructions are accessed through an initialization file that runs when you launch Nexus.

    With Nexus running, your third-party systems have real-time access to MusicMaster’s scheduling data and business intelligence. Communication between both systems occurs over the Internet or local area network.

    Third Party Systems Can:

    • Get MusicMaster's user-defined field names and types.
    • List codes for any Attribute fields (e.g.,sound, tempo).
    • List Category names and codes.
    • Query the music library to search for specific songs.
    • Retrieve a list of available Saved Song Lists.
    • View and update existing song information.
    • Add new songs to the MusicMaster library.
    • Load a music schedule for any date.
    • Reconcile schedule changes to update MusicMaster's airplay histories.
    • Request replacement songs for any scheduled element.
    • Export a custom-designed log file.

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