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Ready for more in-depth training?
Browse the MusicMaster webinar archives below. Each clip contains approximately one hour of advanced training presented by MusicMaster Scheduling Consultants and our special guests.

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2020 Genius Sessions
Theme Weekends Made Easy
Time Saving Tips to Speed Up Your Workflows
Rotations: Turnover & Library Analysis, History Reports
Advanced Format Clock Elements
Winning Between the Songs with Special Sets
Tips and Q&A with the MusicMaster Creators
Introduction and Overview
Introduction and Overview
Library Maintenance
In-depth look at Library Maintenance
Using Audio Files in MusicMaster
Field Day looks at the various field types
Format Clocks
Format Clocks
Advanced Clock Elements
Special Sets from two-fer Tuesday and beyond
Setting up Weekend Specials
Clock Filters and Scheduling Filters
Rule Tree
Rule Tree
In-depth look at the Rule Tree
Optimum Goal Scheduling™
A Review of Hour Rotation Rules
History Reports
History Browser
Program Settings and General Functions
Custom Reports and Log Designs
Drag-and-Drop Functions
Tools and Maintenance on your database
Getting the Most Out of Your Data
How to evaluate an inherited database
From 0 to Database in 60 Minutes or Less
Classical Music Tips and Tricks
Keith Hill's Bag of Tricks and Cool MusicMaster Stuff
Classical Genius Day
1. Introduction
2. Adding and Updating Fields
3. User Scripts
4. Attributes
5. Search and Query
6. Hour Timing
7. Format Lists
8. Format Clock Tools
9. Auto-Platoon
10. Increase Your Speed in Schedule Editor
11. The History Browser
12. New Version 6 Features
13. Closing Questions
Help Resources
Available Help Avenues
Top 10 Support Questions
Tech Talk
Interfacing with Other Products
Using MusicMaster with Analyst from Cornerstone
Using MusicMaster with MediaTouch
Using MusicMaster with PlayMPE

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