MusicMaster Scheduling
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I have been working with MusicMaster for more than ten years now. It is the most flexible tool I've ever seen for music scheduling. The ability to synchronize all my research data, chart information, and any other source of useful data...  Read More

Matthias Ihring
Music Director
Radio 7
Ulm, Germany

I started using MusicMaster a few years ago and it didn't take me long to fall in love with it! I love its clean and simple visual appearance, the fact it's much faster and less prone to crash than any other windows based music...  Read More

Mark Patric
Assistant Program Director / Music Director
93.7 JRfm

MusicMaster is very dope! MusicMaster is a very incredible program that's been very easy for me to use to program music for Power 106. There are many features I love to use. On Power 106, we have three different versions of each song that play on...  Read More

Asst. PD/Music Director at Power 106 Los Angeles
Power 106
Los Angeles, CA

There are many things I love about my MusicMaster. My favorite feature by far is how easy it is to make and change my clocks. I've worked with other music scheduling systems in the past, and none of them compare with MusicMaster...  Read More

John Paul
Vice President of Programming
(Former) Dial Global Networks
Denver, CO