MusicMaster Scheduling
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Let me start by saying that I am absolutely honored to endorse MusicMaster Scheduling software. My relationship with MusicMaster began many years ago and has been amazing every step of the way! I have managed many stations and air talent across...  Read More

Brandon Young
Programming/Content Director
Alpha Media KYKX-FM
Longview, TX

For many years we were using another music scheduling software program because it was just what we were used to. We started exploring our options and many of us felt that MusicMaster was hands down the best product available. MusicMaster is...  Read More

Brian Figula
Program Director
San Francisco, CA

Aside from MusicMaster being so user friendly and intuitive, the features are easily customizable. Logs are a breeze to edit and I set up my log editor to color code all the songs so I can see an hour's tempo at a glance. Music Rules are in-depth...  Read More

Willobee Carlan
Director of Broadcast Operations
Shamrock Communications
Reno, NV

MusicMaster makes scheduling a cinch with rule alerts. The software helps me notice when I've selected a song that fails a rule; I can even customize and activate rule alerts under the tools header. MusicMaster also seamlessly works hand-in-hand...  Read More

Clarence Natto
Director of Branding and Programming
Cox Media Group, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL

Radio Veronica has worked with MusicMaster after a transition from RCS Selector in 2012. We were the first nationwide radio station in the Netherlands that used MusicMaster and we have no regrets. Instead of all kinds of workarounds that were...  Read More

Peter Meerveld
Music Director
Radio Veronica

Virgin Radio Italy began broadcasting July 12, 2007, and since its planning, we used MusicMaster as music scheduler. It has an intuitive and fully customizable interface, with drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste like a classic spreadsheet. It has an...  Read More

Alex Benedetti
Head of Music Programming
Virgin Radio Italy
Milano, Italy

We added MusicMaster in 2009, and since then, it's been a crucial tool at our station. I've spent some time on other programs and felt most at home with MusicMaster. The interface is easy to use and understand and really allows you to customize your...  Read More

Matt Wilson
General Manager
Soldotna, AK

We at Bayern 3 have been working with MusicMaster for four years and it was very easy to get familiar with the software. It's very intuitive and the structure is very close to the Windows-principle, which is also good for interacting...  Read More

Robert Morawa
Music Director
Bayern 3
Munich, Germany

After many years of using different pieces of music programming software, we recently changed to MusicMaster and we are very pleased with the outcome. The diversity of available rules and the ability to copy and paste them individually (or whole...  Read More

Miguel Cruz
Programming Director
M80 Rádio

It's hard to narrow down what my favorite feature of MusicMaster is. Overall, it has to be how user friendly and intuitive the entire program is. Most of us are pretty familiar with Windows, and MusicMaster is a program designed...  Read More

Jeff Wolf
Operations Manager
Border Media Austin
Austin, TX

I like MusicMaster because being able to copy and paste in and out of Excel is huge! I've been working with my MSC on developing customized import / Library Sync definition files for Jack FM and it's saved me a ton of time pulling in...  Read More

Mike O'Reilly
Program Director
San Diego, CA

As a presentation scheduler I found MusicMaster to be an amazing tool in my hands. I used to work with another software before, and the truth is that this one is better by all comparisons! We're talking about a very smart software that with the...  Read More

George Bougioukhliampos
Presentation Scheduler
MTV Greece

I like that MusicMaster is so flexible. I can work very fast and stable and the Rule Tree gives me the possibility to find all the rules I need very fast but I can also build a very complex rule-system if I need it. Flexibility in...  Read More

Matthias Weber
Head of Music
Hitradio FFH
Bad Vilbel, Germany

I've been a big fan the Musicmaster for Windows system ever since our company, Rogers Broadcasting, decided to go with it for all our radio stations. We were moving from a competitors DOS based system and had a chance to look at multiple windows...  Read More

Terry Voth
General Manager/PD
Rogers Communications
Lethbridge, AB

I started using MusicMaster in the 1980's just a few years after Joe Knapp created it. MusicMaster always keeps innovating, evolving, and adapting to keep us up-to-date. We use MusicMaster daily in our two companies. Custom Channels...  Read More

John Bradley
Custom Channels
SBR Creative Media
Boulder, Colorado

I like the following features of MusicMaster: Full flexibility to show anything on the screen at anytime. I like looking at history automatically on every song before I press enter and schedule it...and making massive library changes has...  Read More

Paul Kriegler
Program Director
Shamrock Communications Alumnus
Tulsa, OK

My journey with MusicMaster has been an exciting one over the past years. One of my favorite things about the program is the fact that the teaching continues. Daily. If you are willing to immerse yourself with MusicMaster, it...  Read More

Eloise Pretorius
Head of Music & DJ
OFM, Bloemfontein
South Africa

I'm sure most "old schoolers" can relate when I say music scheduling has evolved at super sonic speed. We've come a long way from the days of jocks hand-picking vinyl for their show, to now being able to change a song on-air with a Blackberry....  Read More

Danny Kingsbury
General Manager
Halifax, NS, Canada

Having spent 22 years comfortably coccooned in a DOS-based scheduling app, I was a little nervous about transitioning to a Windows-powered MusicMaster. Three months later, I couldn't be more impressed. The "Format Lists" option in MusicMaster...  Read More

Rob Sidney
Director/Programming & Operations
WLYF-FM, Lincoln Financial Group
Miami, FL

With the diversity of our music & comedy content, I would have to say my favourite feature in MusicMaster is how you can set up virtually limitless categories. At The BEAR we do tons of "Specialty" music weekends, and we also have a...  Read More

Park Warden
Music Director
Edmonton, Alberta

The more I use MusicMaster, the MORE I fall in love with its forward-thinking features, great rotations and nearly instant air-quality music logs. The software is very intuitive for OMs, PDs and MDs whether they consider themselves...  Read More

George Cook
Program Director/Brand Manager
Dallas, TX

In the past twenty years I have been music director for a major market radio station, worked for a company that generated hundreds of music logs daily, consulted program and music directors on music scheduling and other software... and I have...  Read More

Jon Badeaux
KHJ, KDAY, Clear Channel, Sandusky

I refrain from calling MusicMaster a "music scheduling" system; it's really a user-friendly, customizable, music strategy management and delivery system. If you're a user, be sure to maximize the customization aspect of the manual...  Read More

Ralph Cipolla
MusicMaster User
Jacobs Media

I have been working with MusicMaster for more than ten years now. It is the most flexible tool I've ever seen for music scheduling. The ability to synchronize all my research data, chart information, and any other source of useful data...  Read More

Matthias Ihring
Music Director
Radio 7
Ulm, Germany

Programmers need to create the best possible product with maximum efficiency. This has been MusicMaster's greatest benefit! The Rule Tree and Wizard Analysis provide extreme flexibility and precision, which in turn means less editing time on...  Read More

Bob Bellini
Program Director at 96.5 WKLH Milwaukee, Classic Rock Format Specialist at Saga Communications
96.5 WKLH Milwaukee, Saga Communications

Wow, MusicMaster has changed my life! I have finally found music scheduling software that works for me. I personally love the "Highlight" feature. Multiple artists is a huge issue for me, and having the ability to assign different colors for...  Read More

Michael Chase
Assistant Program Director, Music Director
Star 94 - WSTR
Atlanta, GA

MusicMaster has made our jobs easier and more efficient at CHUM Kawarthas. In small-market situations, we're always looking for something to add time to our days. MusicMaster did that for us and provided an easy-to-use, easy-to-customize,...  Read More

Rick Ringer
Operations Manager
Bayshore Broadcasting Corp. Alumnus