MusicMaster Scheduling
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I’m not gonna pretend to say asking our programmers to change music scheduling software was easy or a popular decision, but I don’t think there’s a single programmer in our organization who a) wasn’t pleased with MusicMaster’s...  Read More

Jeff Sottolano
EVP of Programming
New York, NY

I had used Selector my entire programming career, dating back to 1989, and used it ever since up to the moment the President of our company (David Santrella) asked me to test drive MusicMaster. I'll have to admit that I was not only skeptical, but...  Read More

Mike Blakemore
VP Programming
Salem Communications
Atlanta, GA

For many years we were using another music scheduling software program because it was just what we were used to. We started exploring our options and many of us felt that MusicMaster was hands down the best product available. MusicMaster is...  Read More

Brian Figula
Program Director
San Francisco, CA

Radio Veronica has worked with MusicMaster after a transition from RCS Selector in 2012. We were the first nationwide radio station in the Netherlands that used MusicMaster and we have no regrets. Instead of all kinds of workarounds that were...  Read More

Peter Meerveld
Music Director
Radio Veronica

Do what you love. Love what you do. After working with RCS Selector and Powergold, I am really enthusiastic about MusicMaster. It is the first scheduling software that is able to do what I want instead of dealing with workarounds. MusicMaster...  Read More

Ronald Sebök
MD and APD
100% NL
Naarden, Netherlands

Virgin Radio Italy began broadcasting July 12, 2007, and since its planning, we used MusicMaster as music scheduler. It has an intuitive and fully customizable interface, with drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste like a classic spreadsheet. It has an...  Read More

Alex Benedetti
Head of Music Programming
Virgin Radio Italy
Milano, Italy

I would NOT be able to do my job without MusicMaster. With so many different stations, markets, and program directors, there are a million different requests I get for quirky ways to schedule a station. MusicMaster's rule options are limitless. And...  Read More

Megan Phillips
Director of Music Scheduling
Timeless Cool Custom Programming
Bellevue, WA

Initially, the reason I chose MusicMaster for my stations was a budget consideration. However, after seeing the feature set and experiencing the great one-on-one support, we have now standardized MusicMaster to all of our clusters. After using...  Read More

Chris Collins
Program Director
Holladay Broadcasting
Bastrop, Louisiana

I am a big fan of the Rule Wizard/Optimization tool, I also rely on Auto Platoon to keep the library manageable. The link to search YouTube is also an awesome tool! We were on a system that is frankly too embarrassing to mention here....  Read More

Allen McLaughlin
Operations Director
MDL Broadcasting
Tulsa, OK

All the repetitive functions of editing are available with keystrokes as well as mouse clicks. Using both makes it easy to get into a rhythm checking your logs. Favorite features include the Artist Separation wizard. Having the wizard to help set a...  Read More

Allan Gidyk
Operations Manager
Classic Hits, Coast 101.1
St. John's, NL Canada

After many years of using different pieces of music programming software, we recently changed to MusicMaster and we are very pleased with the outcome. The diversity of available rules and the ability to copy and paste them individually (or whole...  Read More

Miguel Cruz
Programming Director
M80 Rádio

Having only used Selector, we were really concerned about the work load when starting from scratch with our 1,500 song library at our new non-commercial station KX 93.5. But we couldn't believe how easy it was to import our entire library,...  Read More

Tyler Russell
Program Director
Laguna Beach, CA

The two best things about MusicMaster are its customer support and its ability to make our daily work so much easier. Before coming to Lake 96-1 eight years ago, my only experience was with DOS. Paul Ziino made the transition flawless....  Read More

Dave Michaels
Program Director
Lake Geneva, WI

I've been programming music for more than 20 years. Our company just underwent a complete overhaul back in August 2009. This included our on-air systems and subsequently our music system as well. I can tell you I couldn't be more pleased that we...  Read More

Mike Storr
Operations Manager
Maratime Broadcasting
Halifax, NS Canada

I'm really new with MusicMaster. We switched to the system just recently but already I'm very pleased with the software. The feature that I truly love is being able to make clock changes up to a year in advance! This makes scheduling 10...  Read More

Amanda Misner
Music Director AVR
Magic 949 / 1450 CFAB, MBS Radio
Halifax, NS, Canada

I started using MusicMaster a few years ago and it didn't take me long to fall in love with it! I love its clean and simple visual appearance, the fact it's much faster and less prone to crash than any other windows based music...  Read More

Mark Patric
Assistant Program Director / Music Director
93.7 JRfm

Before being exposed to MusicMaster, I scheduled music with blinders on. Now, don't get me wrong, I could tap out a day of music on the other system pretty quick. I thought it was right on. I was wrong. What we get with MusicMaster is phenomenal...  Read More

JJ Holiday
Program Director
St. Cloud, MN

We were having trouble getting the sound we wanted with our old scheduling software. We looked at several different products, and when we saw how well MusicMaster worked, we were sold instantly. We made the switch about 3 months ago and it has...  Read More

Mark Pooley
Music Director Alumnus
Toronto, Ontario