MusicMaster Scheduling
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I had used Selector my entire programming career, dating back to 1989, and used it ever since up to the moment the President of our company (David Santrella) asked me to test drive MusicMaster. I'll have to admit that I was not only skeptical, but...  Read More

Mike Blakemore
VP Programming
Salem Communications
Atlanta, GA

Having multiple duties to manage can make for a long day. Luckily, Music Master does most of the heavy lifting for me and keeps us at the top of the Nielsens. Using the Auto-Platoon feature lets my listeners feel like they’ve lucked into a song...  Read More

Evan Shipe
Music Scheduling Czar
Emmis Austin Radio
Austin, TX

Making award-winning local radio isn’t just about the music mix… it’s about everything in-between and all around it. And MusicMaster has played a critical part in helping us effectively make great radio every day.

Vince Benedetto
Bold Gold Media
Honesdale, PA

Radio Veronica has worked with MusicMaster after a transition from RCS Selector in 2012. We were the first nationwide radio station in the Netherlands that used MusicMaster and we have no regrets. Instead of all kinds of workarounds that were...  Read More

Peter Meerveld
Music Director
Radio Veronica

Do what you love. Love what you do. After working with RCS Selector and Powergold, I am really enthusiastic about MusicMaster. It is the first scheduling software that is able to do what I want instead of dealing with workarounds. MusicMaster...  Read More

Ronald Sebök
MD and APD
100% NL
Naarden, Netherlands

I would NOT be able to do my job without MusicMaster. With so many different stations, markets, and program directors, there are a million different requests I get for quirky ways to schedule a station. MusicMaster's rule options are limitless. And...  Read More

Megan Phillips
Director of Music Scheduling
Timeless Cool Custom Programming
Bellevue, WA

Every day, every hour, we want the best playlists at Radio Veronica. MusicMaster has really helped us to improve our rotations and quarter hours. If you have everything in balance, Optimum Goals are a good feature to create the perfect playlist. Our...  Read More

Marc van den Heuvel
Assistant PD/MD
Radio Veronica
Naarden, Netherlands

I like features like 'swap' (F5) to juggle songs within an hour, and also I like the 'artist history' dropdown option to study song history not just by title, but by artist as well. Another feature I use a lot is 'highlighting' songs (F7) so I can...  Read More

Brad Savage
Brand Manager
Charlottesville, Virginia

After many years of using different pieces of music programming software, we recently changed to MusicMaster and we are very pleased with the outcome. The diversity of available rules and the ability to copy and paste them individually (or whole...  Read More

Miguel Cruz
Programming Director
M80 Rádio

The two best things about MusicMaster are its customer support and its ability to make our daily work so much easier. Before coming to Lake 96-1 eight years ago, my only experience was with DOS. Paul Ziino made the transition flawless....  Read More

Dave Michaels
Program Director
Lake Geneva, WI

As a corporate PD with multiple formats to work with, there is no better program for me to use for scheduling music than MusicMaster. It has exceeded my expectations in so many ways it would be hard for me to consider another program....  Read More

Drew Scott
Corporate Program Director
Martz Communications Group

MusicMaster rocks! It is our system of choice at Newcap stations across Canada. I love the Optimum Goal Scheduling. It gives our stations the ability to really push the system hard to give us the best possible log, not just one that...  Read More

Steve Jones
VP/Brands & Content, Stingray
Newcap Radio

MusicMaster is packed with plenty of analytical punch. Turnover Analysis has been a huge time saver for me. In the past year I've revamped two stations databases. The simple to use and easy to follow tools made it so easy to clean up...  Read More

T.J. Holland
Operations Manager
Columbus Radio Group
Columbus, OH

The definitive best thing in working with MusicMaster is that MusicMaster makes our daily work much easier. The results that I get from the automatic scheduler are accurate and closest to the requirements of our network. We love to work...  Read More

Daniel Finke
Music Director National
Energy Germany, Berlin

One of my favorite features in MusicMaster is Special Sets. Setting up this feature is easy and saves hundreds of hours a year in scheduling specialized production into your logs that would otherwise have to be done manually, like...  Read More

Scott Lindy
Program Director
WSTR-FM Alumnus
Atlanta, GA

MusicMaster, for me, is the most complete and defined software in the radio industry for any type of program director. MusicMaster has helped me create my own database because it contains the information that is most important to...  Read More

Chayan Ortuno
Program Director
Desoto, TX

Having spent 22 years comfortably coccooned in a DOS-based scheduling app, I was a little nervous about transitioning to a Windows-powered MusicMaster. Three months later, I couldn't be more impressed. The "Format Lists" option in MusicMaster...  Read More

Rob Sidney
Director/Programming & Operations
WLYF-FM, Lincoln Financial Group
Miami, FL

Here are two of my favorite features that make my job easier and my station sound great! 1) Reconciling my logs has never been easier. I pick the date range, MusicMaster goes to my Scott Studio Aired results log, pulls the data, and matches it to...  Read More

Brent Alberts
Corporate Director Rock, Midwest Region Director of Programming/Operations
Citadel Broadcasting Alumnus

The more I use MusicMaster, the MORE I fall in love with its forward-thinking features, great rotations and nearly instant air-quality music logs. The software is very intuitive for OMs, PDs and MDs whether they consider themselves...  Read More

George Cook
Program Director/Brand Manager
Dallas, TX

MusicMaster is the best programming software available today. A truly superior program that makes programming efficient and flawless. If it's in your mind, it will work in MusicMaster. Plus the cost is unbeatable....  Read More

Phil Michaels-Trueba
Program Director
WHQT, Cox Radio - Miami

In the past twenty years I have been music director for a major market radio station, worked for a company that generated hundreds of music logs daily, consulted program and music directors on music scheduling and other software... and I have...  Read More

Jon Badeaux
KHJ, KDAY, Clear Channel, Sandusky

I refrain from calling MusicMaster a "music scheduling" system; it's really a user-friendly, customizable, music strategy management and delivery system. If you're a user, be sure to maximize the customization aspect of the manual...  Read More

Ralph Cipolla
MusicMaster User
Jacobs Media

MusicMaster is the next generation of music software - it is powerful yet easy to use. It is very intuitive; it is multi-tasking; and best of all it produces great logs with less editing time. I especially like the Optimum Goal rules that...  Read More

Mark St. John
Senior Vice President
Zapoleon Media Strategies

Before being exposed to MusicMaster, I scheduled music with blinders on. Now, don't get me wrong, I could tap out a day of music on the other system pretty quick. I thought it was right on. I was wrong. What we get with MusicMaster is phenomenal...  Read More

JJ Holiday
Program Director
St. Cloud, MN

Believe it or not, MusicMaster has been a godsend for News-Talk Radio, too! Arguably, a well produced News-Talk station has more moving parts than the average music station -- too often with far less control over those critical elements.

When...  Read More

Kipper McGee
Kipper McGee LLC

The MusicMaster team has created a scheduler that is allowed to think like us when setting up a music database. The most impressive feature I've found thus far is the Optimum Scheduling Goals. In the past, (last week), I had to create the rules...  Read More

Jeff McCarthy
Vice President of Programming
Midwest Communications, Inc.